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Traits of College Student

Students who are imparted higher education as a regular pupil of an institution are qualified as college students. Most of the educational institutions have abolished age limit on the pupils. Many people discontinue their studies due to their jobs or other personal problem. But after this sabbatical they return back to the educational institutions . This crop of adult learners also has working executives who want to secure higher education to enhance their prospects of professional growth. This group is made boisterous by the presence of teenagers or young adults who are just out of school. This array of learners is an exciting prospect not only for the class but also present a challenge to the teachers who teach them. The young bring with them the mint fresh enthusiasm to the class. On the other hand the older learners bring along with them the treasure trove of experience. Since today education is lays an equal stress on both theoretical and practical aspects of learning, team work can be a great learning curve for all age groups. If the high education expenses bother you there is no need to worry. The solution of the problem lies in the loan facilities available these days. No one can be stopped from fulfilling their dreams of higher education for the want of funds. Good institutions have scholarships to aid meritorious, talented and hard working pupils. The institution of your choice can provide you the fee related information through its admission department. Another way out from the crunch of funds is internships or part time jobs. Many pupils do these to pay their fees. Though it requires a lot of effort and management of job and studies but if the individual is focussed he comes out of these situations with flying colours. But studies must always remain the top priority for pupils. Management is by doing things but it is the education that puts things in perspective. This explains why executives having loads of experience are enrolled in professional courses. Only a degree is not the ultimate aim of the Higher education. Pupils should not run helter-skelter in last days of exams. It can be easily avoided by devoting time regularly to studies. Library is the ocean of knowledge, all the pupils should swim in it deep to come up with gems of learning. Internet should be used judiciously to searching for information. But as they say the real friend of a pupil is his book. Books should occupy an important place in this golden phase of his life. Today pupils have a lot more studying facilities and options. Pupils who cannot attend a full time course can opt to study in a part time course. Even there is provision of evening classes or videoconference lecturers for those who cannot come in the morning. College students should grab all these learning opportunities with both hands and harness and hone their talents and skills so as to make this world a better place to live for them and for others.


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