A concept map is a particularly efficient instrument for understanding a complicated topic. Students often create concept maps as they enable them to identify the main aspects of the topic, as well as understand the relationship between these aspects. Besides, a conceptual map is a separate task that allows students to strengthen their analytical skills. Developing a concept map is a particularly challenging task, especially for those students who lack sufficient expertise. If you are one of them, you can always order concept map help at our reputed writing service. No matter what the subject of your map is, we will find a skilled writing expert who will follow your instructions precisely.

Concept Map Definition

The history of this sophisticated assignment dates back to the 1970s. Joseph Novak, a professor from Cornell University, carried out academic research exploring the ways that help students absorb new information. In particular, he discovered that a brief transcript of the lecture helps students get all the necessary information about the topic. This scientist first presented a concept map as a tool for structuring the information. Now, concept maps play a huge role in the learning process as they allow students to systematize their knowledge.

A concept map is a diagram that includes a couple of ideas along with their explanations. Depending on the nature of the conceptual diagram, the concepts may appear in different orders. For instance, you may put the main concept at the top of the page and include less important notions below in accordance with the degree of their relationships with the main concept.



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When May You Use a Concept Map?

A concept map can be used for different purposes:

  • To improve the learning process. You may need to write a concept map to create visual connections between the main aspects of the topic you are exploring;
  • To evaluate your knowledge of the subject. When assigning a concept map task, your tutor will understand how well you know the subject you are uncovering;
  • To help create new business strategies. If you are planning a new business venture, you need to have a clear plan. In this regard, a conceptual diagram is a particularly useful tool;
  • To explain research results. If you have done an in-depth investigation of your topic and now you want to present your results to your target audience, a conceptual map is the best way to do it.

Different Types of Concept Mapping

Depending on the purpose, there are different types of concept maps:

  1. Spider map. Spider mapping is one of the easiest ways to organize information in a conceptual diagram. To do it effectively, one should put the main concept into the center of the map and put other concepts in different directions;
  2. Hierarchical map. This type of concept map should include the most important information on the top of the page and move down to information that is lass specific;
  3. Flow chart. This conceptual map requires using the linear format for organizing the information.

If the task of making concept maps is challenging for you, you can always turn to our professionals and get it perfectly done in no time. Our experts have vast experience in helping students with concept mapping of any type, so they will handle your task without any problems.

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How to Order Concept Maps Online at Our Service?

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