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Career vision plan for an accountant should consider continuing education programs, which the candidate will have to undergo on the stages of his/her promotion. Considering this conditions, the following stages were underlined as the most relevant for the success of job application:

Current situation. On the current stage of my professional career I have Bachelor’s degree in accounting. I have been working as a senior accountant for two years and I have completed my first independent audit. Therefore, I am eager to get promotion as a tax manager.

Future. In five years I see myself enjoying greater level of creativity as a tax manager, monitoring changing tax codes, according to the existing rules (Gaylord and Ried 46). I will be fast in learning and understanding company’s process and technology, since I have strong accounting and analytical skills, which is the most important factor for the desired promotion (Rashkin, 125). Moreover, I will be training and supervising staff and effectively carry out administration of the department, as it is required (Bodilly 2).



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Challenges. The challenges that I have today are based on the communication with clients. As the stimuli, the challenges should be of the highest level of efficiency. I have to comply with IRS and have profound knowledge of it, because effective supervision of a team of accountants is required (Careers in Accounting 345). In the future I will be challenged with: analyzing on the project-to-project basis, whether the company’s activities pass the test, and preparing effective tax planning before submitting research documents to IRS (Bodilly 2).

Strengths. I am a senior accountant,who can endure stress and has a strong reliable sense of organization. I have experience in supervising and managing efficient staff productivity. I am highly proficient in the accounting areas, such as reporting in the end of the month, budgeting and financial reporting with tax compliance.

Development areas. As a tax manager I must learn which technology’s advantages lay within the integrated circuit design of semiconductor industry to build an effective documentation plan (Rashkin 254). I will have to determine which research activities are qualified for the credit (Rashkin 256). Moreover, I will have to find out how to report credit for tax return, how to value credit in the financial statements, and how to communicate it sufficiently to the company’s management (Rashkin 256). On this stage I will have to know which information should be disclosed from the IRS agent. As a tax manager I should know how to examine and collect information from all functional areas, since required documentation should comply with the Code Sec 41 (Rashkin 260). While counting the amount of credit, I will have to work with the auditor on the efficient plan, which will focus on the strengths of the planning (Rashkin 261).

Enhancement initiatives. Enhancement initiatives should be taken over the next twelve months and have to be focused on the technology’s researching and analyzing, specification of the tax return reports and statements, drafting of the documentation compliance and auditing of the efficient planning (Career in Accounting 345). The key things that should be learnt during this period include studying of the tax law, incorporating income tax procedures and practices in auditing and using theory of accounting in tax planning (Career in Accounting 376). The activities which will give opportunities to acquire for the chosen job should include acknowledgment with the company’s annual reports, synthesizing Securities and Exchange Commission’s analytical reports, obtaining information from projects’ proposals and marketing materials (Rashkin 255).

Setbacks. Setbacks interfere with the achievement of my learning and are concentrated around abovementioned collecting of the required information, which sufficiency will anticipate the subsequent outside tax audit (Rashkin 256). Since new software integration in the technological process becomes expensive and time-consuming task for the company with wide range of projects, the tax manager is encountered with obstacles of the developing and implementing effective program of credit computing and further auditing discussion with the auditor for the sake of desirable results (Rashkin 265; Gaylord and Reid 90).

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The following staff can be involved in obtaining support for the successful acquisition of the tax manager’s duties: engineers and technologists on the stage of technology researching, taxpayer representatives, who can provide their sample projects (Gaylord and Reid 89). Moreover, to get this support the tax manager can use survey methods, which satisfy research requirements with the involved employees’ help; as well as evaluating statistical principals with auditor’s collaboration (Rashkin 245).

Measurement and time line. Measurement and time line will show the efficient evaluation of the strategic steps taken to ameliorate the working process. If enhancement initiatives taken for the improvement of the implemented technology and software are not suspended by the setbacks and show successful results during submission of the documents and subsequent auditing, the process should be called efficient and temporary-justified. As a rule, sufficient results should appear in the next twelve or twenty four months (Bodilly 2). In addition, profound studying during the promotion process should not be overemphasized in order to achieve the set goals. Technology’s specifications and working process should be the key points of developing the enhancement initiatives, which will help to overrun the interfering setbacks and get success in the shortest period of 24 months. Moreover, sufficient support from the team employees will help to obtain positive results during the pre-auditing report submission.


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