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Free «Intrusion into Human's Core» Essay Sample

Genetic engineering opened a new page in the history of human development and perception of life as a whole. The progressive experiments of cloning have been made and are getting better with each coming day, making it possible that soon we would be able to see those who were gone. Unfortunately, from the philosophical point of view, there is no much place for joy. This is a scientific experiment which does not take into consideration the problems of human soul.

On the other hand, stem cell research opens drastically new opportunities in saving people’s lives as it allows to create new, healthy and well-functioning body organs from scratch. One day the scientists can even develop the brain tissue in order to cure thousands of people with many serious diseases. On the other hand, the morality of such research is practically absent: Humans stop being humans, but turn into some kind of robots which can obtain a new chip or tool to function properly when the old if broken. Moreover, any intervention with the growth of an embryo is unethical as it changes the way how the embryo becomes a real person. Each embryo is a potential person, influencing it, we change the personhood of future human being. If people could treat the embryo just like a combination of stem cells, the problem would not be so acute; however, we are talking about a potential person with feelings and emotions.


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Despite all the advances in the modern genetics, we still know comparatively little about the connection between human intelligence, feelings, and all other traits with the genes. Probably, scientists can never learn how to do the proper changes of the genes so a person would not face any potential threat in the form of diseases and disorders in the near future. On the other hand, people have to do everything possible to eliminate the risks of incurable illnesses of their children. It will always be a dispute, however, the answer should be found by each person on his or her own.


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