Free «Physical Security Issues in the Port Facility» Essay Sample

Granting access to the port facilities is a great challenge as everyone’s entry has to be disrupted for security purposes. Ports are highly vulnerable to terrorism attacks and criminal conspiracies because of their huge economic contribution.

Christopher (2009) focuses on restricted area access. By this, the author points out that restricted area access controls have procedures, systems guidance and physical infrastructure in it for various purposes. The purposes of the composition of restricted area access control include screening, controlling access and monitoring access into the facility. According to the author, in restricting access, the primary methods can be used in the identification of a criminal who intents to enter the facility before the criminal is given access to the facility. The primary methods can also be used in the screening of a new person who wants to enter the facility before granting access.

Still in chapter 7, the author touches on pedestrian vehicle screening. This entails activities that help in the screening of those who feel like entering the port for security purposes. Pedestrian and vehicle screening help in the elimination of risk factors that portend harm in the future. According to the author, pedestrian and vehicle screening is a form of security that aims at reducing the levels vulnerabilities of the open systems of seaports nature.

Recommendations that the U.S coast guard has for the access control centre. It recommends that the government regulations on port security should be reviewed. Perimeter security entails the security activities that take place in the port. Parking control takes place in the vehicle screening part whereby the vehicles that are to enter the port are controlled as to where they should be parked. Access control points are all the access routes in the port that security has to be maintained to the maximum.


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