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Entertainment media consist of the media technologies whose purpose is to present activities, actions or events that interest, amuse and entertain audience (Crothers, 2010). In America, there are numerous forms of entertainment, including animation, comedy, live entertainment, dance and music, magic, sports, concerts, the minstrel shows, just to mention a few. Entertainment may give laughter, fun and enjoyment to many people across the world, especially over televisions, radios, and the Internet (Crothers, 2010). However, people may also accuse entertainment of harming children, trivializing culture, sanctioning violence, shortening people’s attention spans, undermining communities and polarizing audiences. This discussion will consider how music and sports have shaped the American culture and its values, as well as whether the entertainment is mostly positive or negative.

In today’s world, various forms of entertainment have influenced culture and values of Americans. Music is among the forms of entertainment that have positively shaped the culture and values of Americans. For instance, Marian Anderson’s music, which she performed in 1955, weakened racism in America (Crothers, 2010). Americans developed a notion that Blacks can do well in music just like the Whites. Likewise, sports serve as another form of entertainment that has participated a lot in changing the American perception of the Blacks. Kipchoge Keino is a famous Kenyan athlete and an inspirational runner who won a gold medal in 1972 (Sutherland, 2012). The participation of talented Blacks in sports reduces the racism and stereotyping. However, some forms of entertainment, such as the minstrel shows, influenced the American culture and values negatively by permitting racism and stereotyping. The minstrel shows allowed early Americans to understand the African American culture, which enhanced stereotypes and racism.

Therefore, it is evident that the social influence of entertainment in America is mostly positive. Blacks have participated in various forms of entertainment, which has encouraged the Whites to change their wrong perceptions of considering the Blacks as an inferior race. The American culture has continued to change into a neutral culture whose people consider other cultures across the world to be influential (Crothers, 2010)


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