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Free «Corporate Strategies» Essay Sample

Corporate strategy is the way in which all aspects and divisions of a company are put together so as to make them workable and to ensure profitability for the company. A plumbing business is highly reliant on the customer relations and care. The company has to ensure that their customer care is top notch, or else they will start losing customers. The most important strategy should hence be customer care and reticence of the customers. This is easily done by improving the quality of services given. Like many other domestic services, if a customer feels that they are receiving substandard services, they will look for a better service provide. This should be avoided by a plumbing business owner, since reputation and word of mouth are among the best assets of such a business.

The other strategy is marketing. In order to build the clientele, a business has to make itself known in the market that it is targeting. Advertisement modes such as fliers are the most effective. They are cheap and will cover a considerable geographical location. Such a business is usually located and targets a local community, hence using mediums such as television is not recommended.


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In a plumbing business, the corporate strategies are evaluated by means such as looking at profits and also the level of customer satisfaction. One can also look at the number of clients that a business has retained or lost over a given period of time. These indicate the level of success and popularity in a business.

Changing corporate strategies in a plumbing business is relatively an easy affair. Management can look into a different form of advertising, or look for ways by which they can offer better services to their customers. These include offering them additional services or reducing their charges. Management can also adopt new strategies that are aimed at growing the business. A plumbing business should always be run with the principle objective of profit maximization.


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