Free «Dependent and Independent Variables for Microsoft» Essay Sample

Quinn (2002) defines independent variables as factors that can be easily measured and their manipulation is also easy. Moreover, their use by a researcher enables him / her to determine their relationship with the observed phenomena. The variations of independent variables from the observations can be used to measure the nature of the relationship. These variables do not depend on any other factor and they therefore not change as other variables change. On the contrary, dependent variables vary with the variations of the independents variables (Quinn, 2002).

In a study of the Microsoft Company, one can examine the application of teamwork in the company. The objectives of the study could be to establish the importance of teamwork to the Microsoft Company and to find out the relationship between teamwork, performance of employees and the performance of Microsoft Corporation. From the objectives, it is evident that the researcher will be examining the impact of teamwork on the performance of employees and on the performance of the whole organization (Jenner, Foote & Zhao, 2010).

The study of the impact of teamwork on the performance of employees and Microsoft corporation will have the dependent variables as the performance of the employees and the performance of the organization. The independent variable will be teamwork. Therefore, the performance of employees and the organization depends on the effective implementation of teamwork in the Microsoft Company. The study will seek to find out how the independent variable (teamwork) affects the dependent variables (employee performance and the performance of the organization) (Microsft, 2010). In such a study, the researcher will establish the impact of the independent variable (teamwork) on the dependent variables (employee and organizational performance). The performance is measured using various such as the financial performance of the company, employee output, efficiency in service provision among other factors. This being a qualitative research, the researcher can analyze the data using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences.


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