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Food marketing is different from other types of marketing. This is so because of they are highly perishable. Food also requires a better handling technique because of the health concerned. These factors make it quite difficult to market food compared to other durable commodities.

Major food companies and thousands of groceries are failing in their operations. This is the case since they are applying the poor techniques in marketing their products. They are applying the old techniques that they learnt before. This cannot apply due to the current changes in technology and information. They should apply techniques aimed at encouraging the consumers to purchase more nutritious food products. This problem in itself requires immediate actions.

Price difference is a problem requiring attention. The marketers should work in harmony in order to establish the right price for the products. The accountant should estimate the cost and expected profit in determining the price chargeable to products in different areas. The government should not participate in this. There should be freedom of buying and selling depending on the demand and supply of products. Government should on restrict the monopolies from exploiting consumers.

The main goals of companies are profit and wealth maximization. Thus, they at times ignore customer-related issues including the price and quality of products. This may have negative health effects to the consumers especially the poor in the society. The non-profit making organizations can help save the poor. I would recommend this because these organizations aim at fulfilling the needs of every consumer.

For a successful business in food sector, one should consider different types of food products and which are more nutritious. I would obviously sell products that are more nutritious. The current issues of health would drive me. My products would aim at ensuring I provide my customers with quality products and at a fair price.


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