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Mounting unemployment tempo, depleting cutback, falling external assets, plummeted exports & trades and poverty are some escalating issues which we have been encountered from last 1 and the year, which not only shattered the back of the officials but also bowl the totality world with the government into a dangerous distress (Bernanke 2009).

No one even think that the world's saving as occupied can plummet as shoddily as it did lately, but indeed it was the tide lucrative calamity tsunami which suppressed meanly the people and other officials to think in this conduct as well. The fiscal calamity hit every country and official with full realize. The main prospective of this detail is analyzing the things of universal economic emergency in Cayman Island. The Cayman Islands are a British Overseas Territory located in the western Caribbean Sea, whose family is chiefly emphasized on the tourism and trading. The Cayman Islands faces several challenges, both internally and externally due to the severity of the current economic slump. Internally, there has been the current fuel to the expense of burden business brought about by increases to government fees and work card fees.

While any expansion in expenses has the probable to distress our competitiveness as a jurisdiction, it is broadly granted that this was a far more preferable choice than to contemplate the introduction of any form of target taxation. The Cayman Islands have established itself as a foremost monetary navy middle by being an open, gratis advertise, tax neutral economy which caters to an overall client corrupt and is serviced by warmly competent, sophisticated professionals, but the current economic crisis pushed the country towards the verge of the bankruptcy. The government took ad hoc initiatives to strengthen the tourism stance of the Cayman Island again with bail out packages and providence of loans on low interest rate. Such things will be beneficial for the island to increase their revenue again as previous.


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