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The social interactions of countries have dramatically been changing for a long time. This has been particularly been attributed to the issue of globalization. It is through the practice of globalization that has resulted in the erosion of the core and basic cultural practices of different countries in embracing the new world order that is the globalization. In trying to consider the impact of globalization on the social settings in different countries, it has eventually resulted into a distinct and almost one culture. This has been termed as the cultural homogenization. (Globalization, 2000)

Cultural homogenization is a practice where the old or the distinctive cultural practices of certain people, place or country has been blended into one and the same kind of cultural practices. The homogenization of cultures of different communities has been termed as a form of cultural repression rather than an open expression of cultural difference.This is because the manner in which what is termed as a global practice is highlighted; overlooking the fundamental practices of a community or a country has indeed overshadowed the distinctive cultural practices over the time. (Globalization, 2000)

Cultural homogenization has in one the effect on the practices of a community. Basically the awareness that the perceived global characters are accorded creates the impression on the minds of the community of their culture being of lesser importance in this time and era. It eventually leads to an individual start questioning the relevance of their own cultures that has been in existence and practice for a long period of time. The much touted practice or the more civilized practice is brought into effect at the expense of the traditional cultures that has been characterized and used to identify a particular community in the global arena. This is all about globalization. It is a practice that is aimed at creating a similar and one kind of society that believes in particular aspects to be very essential in their lives.

Globalization has tried to address the issue of trade and social imbalance that had characterized the competition of goods and products between the countries. The issue of globalization has been well advanced in the work called macdonalization in which the concepts behind the expansion and management of business related affairs are advanced perfectly. It is true that one of the effects of globalization has been the cultural homogenization but this can not be compared to the benefits that accrue from the practice itself. (Global modernities)

It is a practice that s supposed to be addressed and exploited fully in order for the countries to realize some of the global goals that have been eluding them ever since. This is because the environment to be created from the practice of globalization will establish a common ground of which other social aspects in life can be built up on and achieved. For instance the current talks on taming the global warming are a collective responsibility that requires the participation of all countries. Another example is the world security in terms of eradicating terrorism and safeguarding the proliferation of nuclear arsenal and artillery. It is through sober dialogue that ay meaningful talks and cooperation is achieved. This trust can be achieved if there is a prior interest and has been fulfilled as it was expected. (Globalization, 2000).


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