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Globalization and the introduction of cosmopolitan societies have brought a lot of changes to the world today. We have individuals from all over the world trying to makes ends meet concerning their lives. They explore the world to find job opportunities and to get better standards of living. By so doing they encounter various people from diverse communities with different cultures and customs. Since no one can work without eating, the food industry has established strategic joints where they offer meals and other services to satisfy the needs of the working force. Urbanization is more rampant in the developed states and this as led to rural-urban migration and this has devastating effects on the economy and the people at large.

The food industry has taken the bull by its nose by capitalizing on the fast food products that are affordable by the majority of the people; the low paying, the children, and the poor fall within this bracket. Companies like McDonald Corporation, have specialized in this field so much that they are almost the sole providers of fast food like the hot dogs, hamburgers, potatoes and chicken fries. They command the market share because they have spread their links in almost all the cities and towns in the food industry.



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Despite the affordable foods that the industry provides, there is an overall need for the government to put in place measures and regulations to ensure that the people are offered the best diets for their growth and not only to fill their stomachs. The fast food industries have taken due advantage of the high population growth, ignorance of the people and the low standards of living to exploit and to provide low quality services with no hygienic measures at all. They will be in the market selling whatever products they may come across as long as they maximized profits. Nutrition and health service are of less concern.

Restaurants are the common places where fast foods are offered, but it has also taken another dimension to include schools, hospitals, and bus stations and even along the streets at strategic places. These are foods that are eaten regularly and there is need to check their productions and hygienic conditions so as to protect the health of the individuals. This fast food if consumed in large quantities can pose a threat and become health hazards. Dieses like obesity and high blood pressure are a result of consuming too much fatty foods. To improve on their services they should be funded by the government and the general public needs to be educated on the need to take balanced diets and the hygienic conditions of their meals (Donahue, 2008)

The slaughter houses, the kitchen and utensils used are the core items in handling fast food products and for this reason, the government should ensure that they are highly maintained by regular inspection and specialized officers deployed at such places to ensure cleanliness and order is maintained at all times. Cases of bacteria such as E. coli are common in slaughter houses because beef is never cleaned and stored properly. Also the surrounding matters a lot in that it acts as a breeding ground for flies and other harmful insects that can transmit diseases directly or indirectly to the foods consumed. There has to be a proper drainage to facilitate waste products disposals. This requires a lot of capital which if left to an individual who is after making profits will not take into consideration such issues (Donahue, 2008).

Another factor that needs to be considered is the number of teenagers working for the industry. There are so many minors and the poor involved in preparing and selling of this fast food, this implies that the foods lacks the care of a specialized person, thus they are of poor quality which lacks all the ingredients. The government therefore should grant a lot of money to this industry in order to raise the standards of living of the poor and to provide basic education to the children to avoid being exploited by such companies offering fast foods. The poor need better housing and recreational facilities which will not come by without the intervention of the government. The poor are usually the great thinkers in any society and the United States of America is not an excerption to this school of thought, after struggling day and night they were able to accumulate and channel their resources towards national development. They ventured into the fast food industry with one thing in mind; they wanted to achieve their goals and objectives. More so prosperity was their main agenda. Because of the self-driven intentions and the need to live responsibly, the government should nature these efforts by granting funds to these groups of individuals (Coble, 1999).

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In addition, despite the fact that the fast food industry provides food services to customers, it also provides employment to many people in the United States. It offers good business opportunities for those who have opened restaurants and stalls. The McDonald Corporations for example have spread its businesses to almost all the states and they provide the same types of food so as to win customers trust and efficiency. Due to decentralization of its operations the company employs a large no of people and this has led to improved standards of living. With the ready market for the food stuffs, the company sells almost all their daily products and this reduces cases of contamination. The government should therefore reduce taxes levied on this organization so as to increase the worker’s salaries and promote the culture of self employment.

The fast food industry also brought about new inventions and creativity like the implementation of self service operating system (McDonalds brothers, 1948). The system was so efficient that it promoted division of labor and encouraged specialization which in turn increased the profits of the corporation. For such inventions and new creations to move from one level to another, it requires recognition and full support of the government. It should identify persons with various talents and ensure that they receive scholarships and other funding so as to improve themselves technologically and safeguard our food security in the future.

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A nation without food security measures has no future. This is because for a healthy living, the people must feed properly and also have extra foods that can take them through dry seasons, all this are achieved by the corporation of the individuals and the government failure to which it can result to devastating effects and poor nutrition of the people. Lack of food can lead to a sick society where there is high dependency ratio and this can affect the economy negatively. More so a lot of funds will be diverted to treating diseases which could have been eliminated if proper measures were in place. Foreign countries will bring in their aid and this will indebt the country to greater extends.

What we eat determines what we become and therefore it should be a concern of every individual to ensure that our bodies get the best food in the market. By so doing we shall be keeping diseases and other health hazards at bay. We should partner with the government in fighting and eradicating diseases by ensuring that we have efficient and effective food security.


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