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The modern society unfortunately has a lot of problems. The diversity of population and the freedom of expression, which is constantly developing unfortunately cause a number of problems. Yes, some people are trying to be humane and liberal, but there is a part of our society that still thinks in binary concepts, separating “us” from “them” and developing negative attitudes towards the groups they do not understand. There are numerous “diseases” of the society: racism, misogyny, and homophobia just to name a few. And all of them have one common background feeling – hatred.

Humans are capable of a range of strong feelings. And the two, which are considered to be the strongest, are love and hatred. There are many songs and poems about love. But there are literary pieces devoted to hate as well. The US poetess Gwendolyn Bennett has a poem named “Hatred”, in which she writes: “Hating you shall be a game Played with cool hands And slim fingers.” (Bennett, 1926) She uses very strong words to describe this enormous feeling of hatred, naming the ways, in which she hates her enemy. Another piece of art filled with hatred is a song by Eminem named “Go To Sleep”. It is much more aggressive than Bennett’s poem, and much more violent as well. Eminem hates his enemy so much that he is waiting for his death. And in the song there is even a question “Why are you still alive?” (Eminem, n.d.). Thus the author is overwhelmed with hatred and sees the only way to get rid of this feeling in the total destruction of his enemy. These two pieces of literature show how hatred can be described in modern literature. They display, how overwhelming can this feeling be.

And there is another piece of modern art, which not only describes hatred, but shows its’ dangerous consequences. Movie “American History X” is an amazing example of the dangers that hide behind hatred. At first it feels like the movie is filled with hatred. Neo-Nazi ideology, skinheads, complicated relationships in prison show that in everyday life people are surrounded by hatred. And in the end of movie the viewer is faced with the result – the murder of Danny Vinyard, which was caused by hatred and fear. The saddest thing is that it happens when the boy understands his mistakes and decides to change for the good. And that’s the greatest danger hidden in hatred. This feeling makes people do horrible things. And sometimes the results of actions are irreversible.


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