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Without any doubt, the essay written by German literary and culture critic Walter Benjamin “The work of art in the age of mechanic reproduction” represents terrible changes of human’s perception caused by modern mechanical reproduction. The author implies that art itself is represented by many replicas that create a fake reality. Consequently, it doubts the significance of art and brings into question its originality. With the help of Benjamin’s explanation of the history of art, it becomes easier to understand the destructive effect of reproduction on people’s general appreciation of art, space, and time. In the following examples, it can be better amplified the decline of primary mission of art: to represent uniqueness and aura.

First of all, the appearance of photography and film industry called in question the worth of art. It can be explained by the fact that the photographer or cameraman does not depict the reality. Instead of this, they give the recipients the second reality made with the modern technical devices, such as headshots and lighting. It will lead to total distrust to the art in the society.

Secondly, the creation of false reality by modern technological means has caused a removal of authority. In regards to great mass consumption, the producers can direct the camera whenever he/she wants in order to get a good shooting that will be profitable on the market. It is needless to say, that this example renders totalitarian power expressed by film makers who dull our mind. As the result, recipients have a contorted reality and art is continuously brought into unconsciousness.

All in all, the age of new mechanical reproduction of art is a serious issue since it changes the initial vocation of art. Modern devices have changed and moved the primary image of the object, thereby not giving a single chance to contemplate the aura and perceive the initial meaning of the art piece.


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