Free «Critical Thinking: an Appeal to Reason» Essay Sample

A person is unique and very different in their personality and behavior. At times, it requires one to be cautious when dealing with matters. This is because determining the truth in a situation can be quite challenging. Mostly, people tend to make conclusions based on inadequate information, rather than how one perceives the truth. People use the experiences they have gone through in the past, to come up with judgment on diverse issues. People perceptions are different in a similar situation, thus evaluating the evidence is important (George & Rainbolt 2011).

As the director of the hospital, one needs not to accept rumors. The conclusions of the case in hand should be based on the evidence presented. As much as evidence of the 90year old mother looks unrealistic, it should not be ignored. Credible evidence among the relatives should be taken into account, and be in a position to distinguish between lies and rumors. One must try to get detailed information about the issue, as the name and reputation of the medical center is at stake. Investigation should be conducted, so as to come out with the real truth on the issue. Evidence of both parties involved in the case has to be taken into account to determine the truth.

The happening has a great impact on the patients of the hospital, in that patients may decide to move to other hospitals regardless of the outcome of the investigations. This is because once trust is lost between the patient, and the doctor; it becomes difficult to regain it. The reputation of the doctors is put in jeopardy, as every one of them is judged according to the past actions of one of them (Tittle 2011). The medical personnel should face disciplinary actions if found guilty, and apology should be made to the affected family, in spite of the outcome of the situation. This is vital as it will prevent further occurrence of the issue in the future.


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