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The State of Israel has been a common topic for discussions and disputes since the first days of its’ establishment. Over the past half a century this region has almost constantly been a war zone, which has resulted in the high level of militarization of the Israeli state. Despite all the complications and uneasy situation both on the world arena and in internal affairs, the Israeli nation is still eager to protect its’ land and all the people living in the State of Israel. The analyzed document is an official justification of the establishment of the State of Israel, as well as a presentation of the ideas and values according to which the newly created state will exist.

The official Declaration of Establishment of the State of Israel, written by David Ben-Gurion and signed by dozens of other respected Israeli citizens can be separated in a number of parts. Firstly, the author presents the history of Israeli people and the development of the country over the past couple of centuries. Ben-Gurion makes an emphasis on the fact that before the 1948 establishment on the country the First Zionist Congress has proclaimed the right for the Israeli rebirth, which was supported by he Balfour Declaration and the Mandate of the League of Nations in the beginning of the twentieth century. The author goes on exploring the complicated Jewish history of the twentieth century, focusing on the Nazi Holocaust and how the Israeli people from all over the world were gathering on the Eretz-Israel (the Land of Israel, Palestine) during the first part of the twentieth century. Therefore, by providing a historical reference and the explanation of all the preceding conditions, Ben-Gurion justifies the establishment the State of Israel. The second part of the document focuses on the values and rules, according to which the newly established state will exists. These rules set the background for the future constitution of Israel. The document encourages all people on the land to leave in peace and ensures that everyone will be treated equally and with respect despite of their race, religion, culture etc. Therefore, with the “Declaration of Establishment of the State of Israel” Ben-Gurion was trying to justify the establishment of the State of Israel by providing historical references on the Jewish people’s rights for the lend, as well as promising a brighter future for the whole population on the territory of the new country.

The establishment of the State of Israel seems to be a very logical conclusion of the Jewish history. While being one of the oldest known nations, Israeli people spent centuries in exile, just as a nomadic tribe. Without a land, the Jews had to live in different countries all over the world, while they’ve been disrespected by the dominating nations. But the peak of the Jewish history was during the 2nd World War, when the Nazi regime has caused mass murders of Jews. This event in the European history has led to the rapid response from the International community. There are many reasons that have influenced the establishment of the State of Israel, but the dramatic events of the middle of the twentieth century have led to the faster decision made on the future of the Israeli people.

It was already mentioned that the existence of the State of Israel is quite a debatable topic and there are many opponents of this country, as well as the supporters. Despite all the different points of view, there is one conclusion that cannot be doubted: the establishment of the State of Israel has significantly changed not only the region, but also the whole world. Currently the majority of countries are separated in the supporters and opponents of Israel, which constantly influences the international relations on the global scale. The constant conflicts between the Israel and the neighboring Muslim states lead to instability in the region and additional attention from the international bodies. Therefore, despite the extremely small size of the Israeli territory the country plays a very important role on the world’s political agenda.


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