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The DREAM (Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors) act is Senate legislative proposal that seeks to facilitate citizenship for illegal immigrants who came to the United States as minors (under the age of 16). Beneficiaries must show evidence of US residence before attaining the age of 16 (Dreby, 2012). Clearly, most of the parents are ineligible as they were already adults when they immigrated to the United States. The beneficiaries stand to be separated from their parents who have not succeeded in attaining citizenship.

Deportation of parents who have not succeeded in obtaining citizenship is wrong. The minors need parental guidance as they enroll into degree programs and become responsible citizens. Aside mentorship, these illegal minors also financially dependent on their parents financially. Thus deportation of caregivers is a stumbling block to the realization of the American Dream. The illegal minors are likely to drop out of school. In a bid to get money for self upkeep, they are likely to secure menial jobs or engage in crime. This will automatically disqualify them from obtaining citizenship. The minors must complete a degree program in the US or serve in the military for a minimum of two years (with honorable discharge).

The separation of parents from children has negative ramifications. The young children are placed in foster care or put up for adoption. The children are removed from loving family settings and subjected to a dysfunctional foster care system that is marred with great uncertainty. The parents are not likely to re-unite with their children as the foster care system is not required by law to keep track of children whose parents have been deported. In case of adoption, the records of these children are sealed to protect the “new family” from emotional and legal tussles (Ross, 2012). In other cases, single mothers are left struggling to care for entire families when the father who was the breadwinner gets deported. Children born of illegal immigrants live in constant fear and are likely to despise law enforcement officers. These children are less likely to be patriotic US citizens, and their allegiance is to the home country of the parents (Dreby, 2012).


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