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It is undeniable that drunk driving is one of the number one causes of accidents on the road. Many people have been risking their lives by drinking and driving not just in the United States of America but in all over the world. Despite the fact that drunk driving will definitely cost one’s life, the question is that why are there still people that do it? Why do they spend countless nights drinking, partying and end up in an accident after? It has been said that alcohol is the nectar of the gods. It is a very good drink as a matter of fact. Just a sip of any alcoholic drink will make you spend eternity in heaven. Yes! Eternity in heaven because once you drink and drive, you will be lucky if you will end up safely in a ditch, you will definitely end up in an accident and die instantly. Why do people drink alcohol? This is because it is so good and it will only bring satisfaction in your taste buds. The scent of alcoholic aroma will bring shivers to your spine and you will shake like you are having an alcohol withdrawal if you will not have a taste of it. Alcohol is a very influential drink. It will make you skip your work without you knowing it. How is that possible?

Picture this: It is Friday today and everyone is excited because that only mean that tomorrow is a weekend and tonight means partying hard. Weekends are the best days of the week. No traffic, no work and most especially you can do everything you want during Friday night without having to worry about being late on Saturday. However, since alcohol is influential, one sip will make you long for it. Hence, you will be drinking every day. Not bad though since you will not get thirsty after all. Drink as much as you can. You are the boss of your addiction right? Then once you get drunk, you will lose your senses and end up waking up on another person’s house, with terrible headache and 10 hours later for work. No big deal. It is just a work anyway, right?

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Your boss will definitely be able to understand that you are just having a good time and would just want to have some time off from work. Before you know it, your alcoholism will cause you to skip work more often and your work-related performance will soon deteriorate and all because of your love for alcohol. The number of your absences at work will increase tremendously and one day you will just wake up jobless and as poor as a pauper in the streets. Definitely broke and with no friends. Is it worth it? Yes and no. Yes because when you are into drinking, there is nothing more important that matters. All you want to do is drink and drink and drink some more. Given a choice, an alcoholic will drink million gallons of beer by himself or with friends rather than go to visit a friend or a relative or do something that is more productive. They will absolutely choose alcohol over friends, family and work. But then again, in one way or another, realization of the scenario and the negative effects of drinking will come later. One day you will look in the mirror and see a totally different person you do not know. What happen to the old person that you are? It is gone and all you have is probably a beard and dark circles around your eyes. Congratulations! You have just lost everything that you have over drinking.

People drink a lot because of the fact that after consuming large amount of alcohol a person will feel numb and all the problems will be gone for a few hours or days. Yes, in a sense that under the influence of alcohol all you will feel is a certain amount of happiness and you can let go with your emotions without being shy or embarrassed. But after the euphoria subsides, all that is left is depression and emptiness from within.

But the most exciting part of drinking is driving afterwards. Have you heard of stories about how people died on drunk-driving? Well, this is the easiest and most fun way to end your life if you are tired of it. All you have to do is party real hard and drink alcoholic beverages like there is no tomorrow. Drink beer all you can and then hop in your car, start the engine and off you go to meet your beloved death. Most of drunk drivers end up in a ditch or hit a pole or hit another card. Either way, your destination is death or if you are lucky, you will wake up in a hospital and the first thing you will ask is whether or not you are in heaven. But come to think of it, you will get free breakfast, lunch and dinner and have your insurance provider cover all the expense of your luxurious stay in a hospital. Another scenario would be you being caught by a cop on violation of the anti-drunk-driving law (Homel, 112). You will be the star of the night since the attention of the cops is all on you. They make you undergo a breath test to determine whether or not you are indeed drunk. Once found positive, they will lock you up in a cell for the rest of the night. It could be a convenience for you. At least, you do not have to drive your way to your own death.

In a most euphoric and exciting situation, you can try to escape and put your feet on the engine accelerator and try to escape the cops. Anyway, do not ever think that you can escape from sober cops. You will only lose control of the steering wheel and end up in jail, or in a hospital, or buried 8 feet below the ground.


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