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Health and drug abuse remain as one of the most challenging issues in the current society. In line with this, the use of cocaine and heroin has increased tremendously as more and more people are entangled in its use. Following this point, there have been arguments on whether to legalize these drugs in the society as a way of dealing with the costs of using the drugs. However, it is important to note that the costs of these drugs have remained relatively high and this has led them to be illegal and thus they are only found on the black market. In this connection, there have been initiatives that have been developed to deal with cocaine and heroin in the society, especially in regard to the costs that are associated with their use.

As a result of this, the government has been working on developing appropriate policies that would work on reducing the costs that the use of cocaine and heroine has. Some of such costs involve the increase in crime resulting from trafficking of the drugs. Accordingly, medical costs have increased tremendously due to the use. Other costs involve the overdose of the drugs leading to death. Along with these, the other costs involve decreased contribution that the addicts would have on the society’s development. In essence, there are different proposals that need to be formulated and implemented as a way of dealing with the costs that arises as a result of using cocaine and heroin in the society.

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In order to reduce the costs associated with the use of the drugs under discussion to a cost of level effort, making it illegal seem to be rewarding. However, this should be done through a policy that seeks to educate the society regarding the costs of usage. Again in this context, the policy should seek to reduce the costs by rehabilitating those that are involved. Another point that would work for the policy is ensuring that the sale of the drug is limited by enacting laws that prevent the use and sale of it. This is for the reason that if there is no cocaine or heroine available, no costs. Therefore, the availability of the drugs should be dealt with as it is the root cause of the costs associated altogether. In line with this, this policy should work on dealing with the current cases of heroin and cocaine addicts by providing them with medication programs that would finally oversee a full rehabilitation of these addicts (Didsbury Jr., 2004, p.184). On the other hand, the policy should discourage further recruitment of addicts as a way of reducing the number of addicts in the society.

There are various ways through which this can be done. First, the government should enact stringent policies that would deter entry of cocaine and heroin into its boundaries. As a result, it would be difficult for these drugs to find their way into the market within its area of jurisdiction. In this case, there is need for stringent laws that would allow prosecution and serious punishment of those that are found trading in these drugs. In addition to punishment by law, the government should work on introducing every cocaine and heroin user to a medication program as a way of rehabilitating these users (Lowinson, Ruiz & Millman, 2005).

In reference to Lowinson, Ruiz & Millman (2005), the current policies that have been formulated and enacted by the government focused more on enforcement rather than prevention and treatment (p.24). With this in mind, new policies that focus on prevention should be enacted as a way of deterring people in the society from getting involved in drug especially in regard to its usage. In connection to this, limiting the availability of cocaine and heroin in the society would act as the foremost step in reducing the costs

Arguably, minimization of costs that are associated with the usage of cocaine and heroin in the society should focus on reducing the availability of these drugs in the society as well as educating the population on the costs associated. This can best be described as creating awareness on the costs of using the drugs. With a reduced demand, less people will be affected in the society. In addition to controlling demand, the policies that are developed should also focus on rehabilitating people who are currently affected by these drugs. Apart from reducing demand, this would also reduce crime-related incidences in the society that could otherwise arise as these addicts work on getting money to support their addiction.


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