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John Thomas is a teenager aged 14 years in his final years of primary education. John is a very playful boy and very funny especially in the presence of adults. Anyone who knows John describes him as a very funny boy who is always seeking attention of his seniors. John has a height of 5 ½ ft tall which is far much beyond the average height for boys of his age. His hair is black, his eyes are brown, and his weigh is 45 kilograms. He is slim and tall, and this makes him appear funny whenever he plays his boyish games leaving everyone watching him laughing.

John is the first born child in a family of five including his parents and his two twin sisters aged 8 years. John belongs to a Christian family, and his parents are committed Christians of a Roman Catholic church. He lives with his family in Chicago in a four-bedroom apartment in the Southeast of the town. John has several friends in the estate, both girls and boys below and above his age who enjoy his playful and jovial character. He often spends time with friends like John, because he can play any game although his favorite one is a fun game called “ding-dong ditch”. Generally, John is a funny character who enjoys funny things such as playing on his Xbox even in front of a camera or before people he does not know well.

John goes to school with his friends although he appears not to enjoy it since most of his schoolmates are far much smaller in size than him due to his peculiar height. This makes him feel out of place. More so, John has a scar on his left cheek that he got after falling from a moving track while trying to show his friends his prowess at an age of ten. John’s favorite attire is jeans, shorts, and baggy T-shirts with names of famous basketball players from the USA. This still makes him look funny considering his slim and tall body shape.


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