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The relationship between homosexuality and leisure is very complex. In their article, Prichard, Morgan, and Sedgley (2002) discuss how homosexuality shapes the leisure processes and spaces, especially for lesbians. Manchester’s gay village which is a new form of leisure for lesbians and gays and one of the most successful sexualized leisure spaces in the United Kingdom is at the heart of this discussion (Prichard et al., 2002). Manchester’s gay village is a well-organized leisure space, with many cafes, bars, and summertime attractions for homosexuals (Pritchard et al., 2002). However, even within a special gay community, there are considerable social problems. Lesbians living in Manchester’s gay village experience pressure and even discrimination from the gay part of the community (Pritchard et al., 2002). Moreover, the creation of the village itself is suggestive of the fact that homosexuals are not allowed to participate in public heterosexual leisure activities (Pritchard et al., 2002). Pritchard et al. (2002) conclude that Manchester’s gay village is an essential element of the city’s emotional geography, but it can hardly empower homosexual citizens to pursue gender equity and social justice in the society.

The article suggests that, despite the rapid development of equity awareness, the developed world is still far from being respectful towards lesbians and gays. The presence of Manchester’s gay village also implies that homosexual and heterosexual leisure spaces are still separated. Based on the article, the future of homosexuality in the developed world is rather gloomy: lesbian women and gay men will either have to claim their rights for public leisure spaces or create their own villages and communities where they can feel comfortable. The future of lesbian women is no better: apart from the continuous discrimination in heterosexual communities, lesbian women also face discrimination and negligence in gay communities and villages. The society must reconsider its attitudes towards homosexuality and allow for greater participation of homosexuals in public leisure activities; otherwise, the gender and sexual orientation separation in the western world will continue to persist.


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