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The issue of national security has become crucial in the U.S., especially after the 9/11 attack. The government has taken further steps in ensuring that the country is protected from terrorist attacks by monitoring the movements of both the U.S. as well as citizens, who are not from the non- U.S. However, the question that arises is, ‘should the privacy of citizens be compromised in pursuit of national security? And if so, to what extend should the government monitor the private life of citizens?’ In response to the above questions, it is in my opinion that the government should monitor the movements of these groups of people to enhance security for all. However, this monitoring should only be done when there is enough proof that it is only for the interest of national security.

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Mitrano (2003) and Harper (2007) are in support of this as they candidly asserts that, the protection of national security should not at any time curb civil rights and if this has to be done, sufficient evidence must be produced to indicate that the issue at hand is crucial to the enhancement of  national security. As candidly indicated in the Privacy Act of 1974, it is crucial to indicate that, when it comes to matters of national security; both the U.S. citizens and the non-U.S. citizens should receive equal treatment, due to the existence of both local and international terrorism.

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Regulations relating to business operations can give either positive or negative results. On the positive side, it can be said that regulations help businesses to gain a competitive advantage in the market. According to Willis (2005), regulations including those that promote environmental protection help an organization to become more competitive and stretch their markets as evidenced by the placing of the best environment compliance industries in the global competitive index. This does not only expand the market base of businesses, but also creates opportunities for innovation (Willis, 2005).

On the other hand, regulations affect the performance of businesses, especially in the area of competitiveness and finances. Willis (2005) acknowledges that an industry that feels overburdened by regulations will spent resources, in terms of finances as well as time in ensuring compliance. This will significantly add on to the costs incurred by the business. This has been seconded by the U.K. Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (2008), which holds the view that, industries may find it extremely costly to comply with different regulations. Moreover, regulatory uncertainty may hinder and industries innovation due to inaction on the part of the industry (U.K. Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, 2005).

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Anonymity has been used by individuals as well as different groups of people for various purposes. Though anonymity can be used with the wrong intentions, it can also be used to better the society as well as individuals. Firstly, anonymity can be used to give vital information especially on matters regarding to security (Palme & Berglund, 2002). For example, a person with some key message regarding criminal activities in the society can anonymously alert the police. This will not only benefit the society at large but also the individual since the security of all will be protected. Secondly, anonymity can be used by individuals as well as the society in fighting for their rights especially in an oppressive regime (Palme & Berglund, 2002). This will in turn promote democracy which is beneficial to everybody. Additionally, people are able to discuss personal stuff without fear of being judged.

However, it can be argued that anonymity can be used maliciously, such as in the protection of criminals as well as carrying out of illegal acts. Furthermore, anonymity can be used in promote antisocial behavior such as the distribution of pornography. In order to ensure that the negatives of anonymity do not outweigh the benefits, it is advisable for the authority to check the use of anonymity in the society more so internet anonymity, which in most cases has resulted to cyber attacks (Edman & Yener, 2009).

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