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The tennis community is a discourse community that consists of tennis players and their coaches. This community is one that is bound together by a common goal. The main goal in the tennis discourse community is to make the best tennis players in the world. That is from this community a person should be able to grow from the humble beginnings of learning to play tennis to becoming a tennis champion. However, in the tennis discourse community there are challenges that may render the discourse community less functional. This paper will look at the problem that is likely to face such a community. This paper will also include suggestions on the solution to the problem.

Most members especially the majority who have a high reputation of performing well in the games have a high tendency of not adhering to the rules. Such a tendency has led to the serious problem that today is affecting many tennis champions. Doping has been an issue that has made people have a careful eye on the players in the court. That is most of the professional player have realized that there are members of the tennis community that take in steroids to enhance their performance. As a result, today there is no tennis player that agrees to play against another player that is on steroids.

Such a problem can lead to the downfall of a team and even the splitting of the community. Much often than not, players who are involved in the intake of drug behave in a weird manner even while in the tennis court. As a result, the anti-drug commission has taken it upon itself to ensure that they manage the doping issue in tennis. Nonetheless, the truth of it all is that doping and steroid intake is slowly taking away the best tennis players. For instance, a well-known player like has been restricted to play due to the intake and use of steroids.

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The steroids have in turn affected several tennis players and this issue is slowly eating up the tennis discourse community. Hence, it is beneficial to figure out a solution to the problem as it is a ‘timing bomb’. As much as all the tennis players need to be super strong in order to perform their best in the game, taking the steroids is only a short cut that does not last for long. Most of the female players have gotten to a tendency of taking the steroids for the purposes of enhancing their performance. This has in turn led to the extraordinary growth of the muscles.

In order to stop the use of steroids by the tennis players it is essential that all players stick to the rules of testing. That is all the members in the discourse community should be tested and proven negative on the intake of steroids especially before starting any game. This practice should be compulsory to all the people that are involved in playing tennis. For the few players that will have been caught in the steroid net, the team coaches should ensure that he or she is disciplined accordingly.

So far, only a few tennis players have been found to be taking the steroids. Nonetheless, it is an issue is worth attention. Hence, the few that have been caught in the bliss of using steroids should be either suspended, or even taken off the team. On the other hand, it is fundamental to ensure that the players find a substitute to replace the use of steroids. While most of the players use the steroids to make themselves strong, they can as well use the old means of doing physical exercise. That is one can build his or her muscles by going to the gym for exercise daily instead of waiting for a moment, to inject the steroid.

There are other programs that the tennis players can get involved in order to improve their performance. Such programs include having friendly matches with other players that belong to a different team. This way tennis players will always have the chance of building their confidence and hence, improve their performance while playing. For the members in this community that could have been found on the wrong and are willing to change, they should be given a second chance. However, a keen eye should be watching over him or her. Such persons may take advantage to influence the others in the team or community.

In conclusion, all the tennis players in the discourse community are expected to have an extremely high conduct of discipline. This is in all the aspect that concern tennis games. For instance, the players are expected to attend all practice without missing any practice session. By engaging with other team players, then the one that is found on the wrong can be influence to improve and become a better and decent player in the future.

The advantages of using exercises over the use of steroids include enhanced muscle growth that brings up a natural body figure of an individual compare to the use of steroids. The player gains speed and more strength, which may last for long. This can be compared to the use of steroids, which a person has to use continuously. The player also improves in performing while playing, and there are no side effects in using natural ways of exercising, the body also gains more strength in terms of immunity compared to the steroids which may cause an individual to have serious side effects.


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