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It is very evident that the transition between childhood and adulthood can a times be faced with dramatic incidences which usually assists an individual in learning a lot about life. As human beings especially during our childhood period, we often find ourselves living in a fantasy world where we tend to believe that death and tragedy can not touch or even come close to us. As time moves on and on and we grow older  it start  dawning to us that there are certain realities being displayed  within our lives and such realities are tragedies and deaths which are inevitable. This kind of transition is widely defined or displayed by Doris Lessing in her book "A Sunrise on the Veld". "A Sunrise on The Veld"  a short story written by Doris Lessing describe the usual morning of a young boy on his daily routine of hunting he does hears a sound of pain and later comes to realize that the sound of pain was emerging from a dying buck. After he realizes the sound of pain, the boy is suddenly filled with great anxiety and excitement with all the wonders of life that revolved around him.

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Later on, the little boy cames to discover that there is a darker side of life which living things including himself must one day die. In this book the author has largely emphasis on different or significant meaning and understanding that is portrayed by the reader of the book. The book particularly the title tries to investigate on the feelings of invincibility that are normally experienced by individual especially during their youthful days. Feelings of anger, fear and grief are believed to be greatest feeling experienced by human beings especially when the reality of death and suffering dawn on them. After the boy had witnessed the death of the helpless buck, the realization that there are events and certain circumstances that happen in life can never be controlled but living things must understand that they ought to take place.

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Doris Lessing continues to ensure that the central character constantly gains great consciousness through significant exposure to a certain new reality filled with truth that he did not previously understand. From the story, it is very evident that it is impossible to ignore new realities. The new found awareness that the small boy found in the helpless buck was very touching to the extent that it changed the entire outlook on the boy such that he begins to see the world in a new perspective.  The seeing of life in a different perspective can be described as an initiation period experienced by the protagonist in manner that he moves from his innocence to gaining more knowledge and experience about life. His acceptance that he could do nothing to stop the buck from dying clearly shows an initiation period where the boy accepts that some things that take part in life are not in his power and there are generally beyond his control.

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Death is inevitable, every living thing or creature is destined to die one time during his life. The kind of beauty the boys valued differed in several ways as it's is being unfolded in the story. The boy in "A Sunrise on the Veld" felt a love for nature without having a clear understanding of what nature is. In cooperation the two characters experienced an anxiety and enthusiasm towards their obsessions. The boy in "A Sunrise on the Veld" was very willing to wake up and go into the infinite fields of life. He felt a feeling of oneness when he came in touch with what nature displays to him. The author tries to showcase of the beauty in natural scenery as she tries to breakdown the restrictions found in isolation between what a mind of child and that of an adult. Both passions between the two central characters brought them out of their loneliness

In trying to understand the main or central points that Doris Lessing is displaying in her book, it is very important to understand why she resulted to giving the book the title "A Sunrise on TheVeld". The sunrise being described or portrayed in her title is a figurative dawning; it widely tries to signify the apart of an individual life in the universe which is normally lived by way of struggling in order to survive. The sun rises in the morning and settles down in the evening; Doris compares the sun to this young boy who is learning about mortality when he is still young at heart.  The child is obtaining the knowledge on the various intimations displayed by mortality. The fact that the boy is learning or realizing another side of life does not necessarily mean that death did not exist before. It is just that some light has come to him and he begins to understand the reality of life.

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This light is compared to sunrise. The story revolving around this book may be approached in a manner that there is great consideration when it comes to its settings.  The author has richly employed reminiscent style which is likely to parallel with the boy vivid emotional state. The warmth displayed on the boys' bed gives way to a cold morning. This sentence tries to tell us that when we are born it is such warmth but the warmth suddenly changes to very chilly when death knocks on your life. This change of weather that is from warmth to that of cold or chilly is displayed on the boys' nervous system as he suddenly experiences the mortality behind the wounded buck, his innocence and self-absorbance are suddenly put into a sudden halt.

When it comes to the usage of animal imagery, Lessing describes the mind of this small boy as 'superfluity of youth" towards his identification with what is contained in this natural world. For instance, the author uses words like "alert as animal", "animal trails", "like a duiker" and "guinea fowl" shows a great sense of animal imagery clearly symbolizes animals being part of living things they must at a time will have to die. Lessing asserts that, with the constancy being experienced by the obliviousness of the boy, the central character tries to move away from the cultivated part which is his innocence towards the Veld part which is compared to him gathering the knowledge that living things must die.

According to Lessing, it is very important to note that there is creative usage of language. For instance, the recreation of an early morning in the grassland is a clear indication that when we are born life is very interesting, where it is filled with much innocence of what life has in store. Lessing constant usage of repetition continues to emphasis on the innocence of the morning which is linked to the innocence that a child poses before he reached the maturity age.  Her constant personification of the sun clearly shows an indication of a fresh child within the child life.

 To put this whole story in a summary, the knowledge obtained by the boy about the pain of the buck is sufficient enough to prepare him to understand what life entail and what is expected of it. His realization that nothing can be done to evade from death prepares him on what he expects during his journey of a lifetime. The author of the book has greatly prepared the reader in understanding what mortality is and has continued to educate us that certain things in life are inevitable we should learn to accept what we can not change by trying to lead a cheerful life when we are a live. It is also very essential that we try to educate our young ones about life so that in their growing up they can be able to gather the knowledge of fatality and realize that there are certain things that are beyond the control of human beings.

In "A Sunrise on the Veld", the character had a resolute passion. It is clear that his incidence with the dying buck has taught him important lessons about life. For instance, he learns that nature can be unfriendly, and it is very essential that we should not take it for granted at any one time. The boy's joy for nature is more probable that it won't go away even after seeing the buck being consumed by ants. This is very important in the manner that the small boy will grow up knowing what happen after one dies and that he will widely understand that existence in this life is finite that is it is just countable. Not only is it important to the readers, her constant usage of different styles in her writing that is word choice, tone and sentence structure is a great inspiration to other writers.

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