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Looking at the narrative from the unlovely creed “A Doll’s House”, the passage shows an embarrassing character of the person – which is Nora. In the creed, the introduction goes this way: Nora did not see her husband to be an ideal hero for her, so she restricted the egotism of her husband with her selfishness. It is very clear that Nora herself resolved to not look at her husband to be fitting her character. This is one big problem most couples have today; wives not being content with the husbands, and so are the husbands. This is the nature of human beings wherein they often look at the “dark” sides of another person instead of the good characteristics. Or we may say it this way: people tend to judge other people’s nature according to their own standards. Thus, this thing mostly leads to bad relationships. Not being content, perhaps, not appreciating  each other will only lead to brokenness of the relationship.

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The second thing addressed in this creed is the selfishness of Nora. Even at the start of the creed, it mentions that Nora seems to have the notion “an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth”. Of course, this statement can be applied in some aspects. In justice, for instance, equality and fairness is a must. But in terms of family relationships, or even in social relationships, this statement would not be applicable at all times. What if other cannot meet your own preferences? What if others cannot cope up with what you need or want? In the story, Nora seemed to be just concerned with her own self. She would not even give pardon to others; she even could not recognize humiliation. Moreover, in relation to the first observation, not appreciating things owned, she forgets about her family; the long years she had her marriage life with her husband and the relationship she had with her children became nothing to her. She did not care about what would happen to her husband or even to her children if ever she leaves them. It was complete self-centeredness, not thinking of others. Everyone must never be like this.

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