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My acquaintance with Ovid's Metamorphoses did not start from books. It began from the beautiful and sad story. In elementary school, I heard a tale about narcissus, the flower whose head is forever bowed. It was so similar to the young man who admired his reflection that it was impossible not to believe in the story.

The stories of remarkable transformations depicted in Metamorphoses are indeed very bright and compelling. Ovid managed to describe traditional four centuries of humanity by interpreting different episodes from myths and legends skillfully uniting them into one connected story. It comprised a mockery of the imperious and arbitrary nature of the gods in it and sympathy for the common people as well as love stories and philosophical reflections on life. Moreover, the author showed that in the whole history of humanity, there is nothing new. Everything is just transformed from one state into another.

A lesson I gained from this poem is that we should not be afraid of changes. The world around us is always changing (and we are changing too) no matter whether we want it or not. Everybody should ask him/hersel: “Who am I today? What should I do in order to cause positive changes? What decision is right in this situation?”

Today’s world is evolving rapidly. Every year, we can see how people come up with new methods and theories, produce more inventions that should radically change society and save our time, they change the way of communication and so on. But, in fact, these changes do not mean that the people themselves, the structure of their thinking or living are changed too. On the contrary, saving time encourages people to find new ways to spend it, and the society remains imperfect.


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