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Free «The Example of Best Friend in They Did We Can By Michael Finnigan» Essay Sample

The book They Did We Can by Michael Finnigan is a highly inspirational book which is meant to influence the youngsters to peruse their dreams and not let any external or internal force hinder their path to fulfilling their aims. He teaches to aim high and through many examples and cases of famous sports persons, he makes his points and lessons even more solid and concrete and end up inspiring the reader. His book highlights the power of the three: The Tree of Greatness; The Creation of Beliefs; and The Brain's Mighty Secret. In each chapter, he focuses on the forces that hinder the path to success and make a person weak in jumping for higher achievements.

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In the second chapter he emphasizes on the power of a best friend in the line of success. He defines a friend, and highlights its importance but also gives a rather different and unique notion of who this friend really is and how it helps us.

Finnigan says that a friend is the one who sticks by in good times and in hard times despite of any monetary return or favors. A friend is honest and trustworthy. A friend's main objective is to have fun, give a good company and help in need and expect the same in return. A friend removes the pain and fills the life with joy. A friend guides and supports.

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And clearly any friend who acts negatively and does not support is not a good friend at all. For pursuing one's dream, having a friend who constantly guides and provides positive feedback is essential, as this support motivates and energizes a person to run after impossible dreams. And having a friend to listen and share thoughts with in tough times when things turn bad, gives the light of hope to not let the temporary set backs hamper the motivation to achieve greatness in life.

After defining a best friend and the role it plays in the life of a person, Finnigan spells out the truth in an interesting form. He gives a clear cut example of the best friend one can ever have. The same best friend who in turn is also a person's worst enemy: his own self. According to Finnigan, a person's own self is the best friend one can ever have, as no body has the patience, attachment, trust and association bound with one. Surely, there are friends who stuck by a person and help in need, but the persuit is only undertaken alone and the only one alongside is the person himself, with trust, hope and motivation. Now, when the same 'self' is downtrodden, tends to lose faith and heads for the downfall. The self then becomes the worst enemy as it says "you're useless" or "you're the worst.


To make his point, Finnigan gives the example of Philip Neville, a footballer who has achieved victory since the birth of his career. He has won the FA cup three times and the Premier League six times and once won the FA Cup, Premier League, Champions League and the World Cup Championship all in one year. He is still on the roll of winning every year. Neville has done all of this alone. There may have been many who must have said the dreams he runs after are impossible, but it was his own faith in himself that brought him this far, thus, only explaining the fact that a person's own self is the best friend any one can ever have and the strongest one too.


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