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Free «What Would Have Happened If Travis Died Or Not» Essay Sample

From the story, Travis death led to the Mexican soldiers taking control of Texas. This is because they overwhelmed the militia of Texas (Hardin 56). Travis death was as a result of him firing back at the militia form Mexico an attempt to kill the militia who were led by Santa Anna. His death also led to the death of 188 to 250 people who defender in Texas militia. In addition, over 200 soldiers of Mexico were killed as result of the battle because their leader, Travis had been killed (Durham 76).

If Travis had not died, more institutions of law firms would have been established to settle disputes in Anahuac disturbances. This because Travis had made efforts to establish a law firm that was used settling disputes in Texas (Hardin 13). In particular, the firm was very helpful in settling disputes during the disturbances that hit Anahauc. The disturbances were witnessed in the entire Mexico City. Besides, instability was being witnessed because of the authoritarian rule in the region. This resulted to civil wars and violence which finally led to the war at Texas. These were preliminary stages before Travis got engaged directly in to the army to protect Texas (Durham 34). He was able to get information of what was happening on the ground. This helped in know the tactics to employ while in the war front. However, his death left no one to continue with such missions in an attempt to restore peace and stability in the region. In fact, no information is given about other persons who established law firms to bring justice into the land.



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The record Travis had set of conquering the enemies in every battle was being lost as a result of his death (Hardin 76). Texas militia was left without a leader who had great courage to fight the enemy without losing hope. Before his death, Travis got involved in Texans militia as they held assemblies to debate on how to perfectly protect their rights in Mexico. In addition, they wanted to stop other civil wars and demonstrations that were sprouting in the entire country (Hardin 99). Travis later become the leader of the Texas militia and led them in all battles they got engaged in. Travis death left Texas militia with no man to lead them in battle fronts. Before Travis died, he was on the war front firing at the enemy without any fear. These are some of the attributes Travis had that his predecessor could not have if any was to replace him.

Travis death led to his child, Charles Edward becoming a total orphan. Since Rosanna Cato had died, Travis was the only biological parent Charles was left with (Durham 54). Before Travis left Alabama for Texas, Rosanna was bearing unborn daughter. The death of Travis leaves nobody to follow up on the whereabouts of the daughter after being born. This is because the mother of the daughter had died as a result of yellow fever. This epidemic had inflicted the entire state.

If Travis had not died, Junta militia would have spent several months in trying to find out how to conquer Texas. This is because Travis had set a reputation of conquering his enemies and Junta militia was not an exception (Durham 34). This meant that Santa Lopez, the leader of Junta militia would have worked extra hard to ensure that he defeated Texas militia under the leadership of Travis. Travis death left the Texan militia without a strong leader who could stand firm against the Antonio Santa. During the demonstrations by Texans in Mexico City, Santa Lopez, the leader of Junta militia made declarations that a state of law be declared. The directive was to ensure that anyone who participated in the uprisings was to be executed (Durham 72). This led to Texas military surrounding the armories into which central authorities in Mexico had kept the weapons they had taken from the local military. Travis death leaves no one on the ground to stand firm despite dangerous threats from Santa Lopez. Under the leadership of Travis, Texas militia protected their arsenals (Hardin 51). His death leaves no one to lead in protecting the arsenals.

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Travis died before he could recruit more people in his militia (Durham 25). In particular, he was unable to recruit regular colonists to work on regular basis as militia. Travis role in the army was being the chief officer who was responsible for recruiting new clients into the army of Texas. His army had a total of 384 officers and men. This was a small number and Travis consistently complained that he had a small army. This number was further divided into a group made up of six companies. As much as Travis had a great rank of enrolling men to work under him, he was unable to recruit regular colonists who were able to work on regular basis as militias (Durham 42). This was because most of them preferred to work in militias locally. Travis told the then governor that the volunteers could be had nor depended on (Hardin 63). His death left no one to complete the task of enrolling new recruits to ensure enough soldiers in the army.

If Travis had not died, the militia from Texas would have had a leader to take them through the entire period of Alamo battle. This was important because there then leader called James had left (Hardin 58). James had no option but to leave since his family was ill but was to return after to the army after a period of twenty days. This left no one on the ground to take on after the death of Travis. If he had not died, he would have motivated his army despite his army being small. To worsen the situation, even Bowie who gave directions to the volunteers in the army was also killed in the Alamo command.Consequently; there was no one to give directions to the volunteers too. The state of Texas militia was in desperation. The volunteers came from the surrounding regions and were requested to provide their services under those that were considered regulars (Durham 17).

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The death of Travis left no one to provide information to Andrew pontoon on the milestone of the war. Information concerning how to provide more resources to the Texas army could not be conveyed to Andrew Pontoon (Hardin 37). He encouraged Andrew Pontoon that Texans flag was still high and that they were working extra hard to contain the situation. If Travis had not died, Texan militia could have continued to the end with the battle. This is because they would have organized for reinforcement in terms of personnel and ammunitions to be used into the war (Durham 40). This could have helped to step up the efforts of the Texan militia. The death of Travis left no one to co ordinate such logistics as well as ensure that food stuffs are supplied to the soldiers at war.

In conclusion for any battle of war to succeed, coordination and constant motivation is very important. In addition, medical supplies to treat the injured should be availed. Finally, success at war field requires a tactical leader who has determination, just like Travis was.


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