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At a time when migration became a mass phenomenon the question of interracial marriages has become very important. In the past, interracial dating and marriages were banned in some parts of the world including USA, Canada, South Africa. Nowadays official obstacles in marriage between the white and black races are not already there. Generations born in such marriages have already grown. It has made significant adjustments in the attitude of American society to interracial marriage at all.

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Attitude towards interracial marriages is changing at breakneck speed. Attitude to such acquaintances were subjected to drastic changes in the past generation. The number of interracial marriages in the U.S. has increased more than ten times during 1970 and 2007. Due to increases of immigration and higher education level, the percentage of interracial couples has increased from 1 percent to more than 5 percent in 2000. Almost 15 per cent of new marriages in 2010 were between people of different races and nationalities (Saulny2012).

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However, many couples mention the difficulties with which they had to face. Almost half of black and white couples recognize that organize family life with a man of another race is more difficult than with a representative of the same race. Almost half of whites believe that people should marry members of their own race (Carroll 2007).

Surveyed 540 people that are married (or going to do this) with members of other races, almost half of married are Hispanics. One fifth of marriages is between whites and Asians, and 10 percent fell to marriages between whites and blacks and between blacks and Indians.

So, today there is a reasonable tolerance to conclude interracial marriages. Mixed marriages in modern multi-ethnic society with increasing number of ethnic, racial, interfaith relations promote the interpenetration of cultures. On this basis, there are the formation of social, intercultural and interpersonal relationships that preclude confrontation and violence.

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