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Alan Foljambe in his ‘Car Advertising – Dominating Nature’ stresses that advertising strategies, which automobile manufacturers use, disregard environmental issues that we are facing right now. In the article, automobile ads are considered to be aimed at convincing consumers that cars are a part of the environment rather than a threat to it. The advertisements convince consumers by the means of visual and linguistic instruments, which minimize or even conceal the facts that cars are actually undermining our vulnerable environment. In his article, Foljambe points out that cars are identified as “harmless tools of recreation and travel” (Foljambe). Due to such an identification of cars, car advertisers utilize the green advertising trend and worsen the ecological disasters. Foljambe addresses two kinds green advertising proposed by Banerjee.  The first kind of green advertising, so called deep green or alleviation, promotes cars in their regard and connection to consumers’ concern of the earth. Consequently, deep green advertising features the low impact of cars on the environment. The other one is shallow green advertising, also referred to as the domination ads. The domination advertisements feature automobiles on the first place. Cars dominate the advertisement visually while the nature is set off to the background. Nature tends to be the “threatened” instead of the “dominating” in the shallow green advertising, which makes it become a minor thing with no substance that is subjugated by the heavy equipment. Foljambe also indicates that car advertisements often appeals to the prestige and status of a car brand. For example, Land Rover is often featured in the desert and rocky area in order to show cross-country ability. It as well as creates a connection to real society, since the iconography of cars in the ads is individual worth. Even the price tag on Land Rover proves its individual worth to its owner — $55,500 — an amount that may imply that the automobiles dominate the landscape in the same way as consumers locate themselves at the top of the socio-economic pyramid. Another essential point in Foljambe’s article is denial of harmful ecological influence of cars. Such a denial is supported with the statement that majority of car advertisements assert the capability of cars to work without affecting the environment (Foljambe). In his conclusion Foljambe explains that the main purpose of domination advertisements for cars is to show “fun, excitement, self-fulfillment, with no consideration” to environmental influences on the earth. Consequently, green advertisements of cars actually disregard ecological issues and harmful effects of cars on the environment. Furthermore, car advertisements are aimed at increasing sales through the benefits of addressing global warming issues and being green.

Although Foljambe asserts that automobile advertisements use the visual strategies to create consumers’ acceptance of cars, there is yet a need to reinforce declared link and harmony between dominance of cars, socio-economic position of consumers, and the environment. The subjects dealt by the automobile advertisements are all structured according to the desires of the customers. The elegance gets declared in the mental set up of the consumer. It has been noted that the vehicles used in car advertisements are meant to be a part of their natural environment. The display of mountains, fields and other nice places adds the sense of freshness in the minds of customers. Influenced by such senses customers may imagine experiences, which they have never had. The entire process of making the advertisement natural and appealing to specific senses and feelings of customers becomes a foundation of potential sales of respective cars.

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People sometimes think that the prices of the cars they buy reflect their socio-economic well-being. However, this is only another manipulation used by advertisers to play with customers’ minds and make them buy cars. In the Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG official television debut video, the luxurious SUV  maneuvering on the mountain bent roads with its high performance signifies the power over landscape. Also, the narrator in the video comments “you will have the confidence in the vehicle when you go out,” which reveals a sense of individual worth. Not surprisingly, the starting price for Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG is $94,440. Among other car brands that appeal to individual worth is Maybach, an ultra-luxurious German car maker. It produces luxurious automobiles that signify one’s socio-economic standard For example, individual worth is greatly shown Maybach Landaulet commercial. The commercial depicts a blooming white rose, which is used to make the car associate with nature and harmony.  Classic European white house in the background add to the individual worth of a Maybach owner. However, the Maybach not only adds individual worth, but also costs a jaw-dropping sum.

Various advertisers use different advertising strategies to attract potential customers. The basic process is to keep track of customer preferences and desires. Keeping track of target market will allow the company to predict and satisfy customer demand later and, consequently, get profits. Advertisers also use various types of media to reach the target customers. Very often the potential buyer is even unaware of the fact that he has been manipulated into buying particular car. Potential buyer simply reacts to the general trends and effective advertising. The theme of dominant nature in the advertisements plays a vital role in influencing potential buyers’ perception and, consequently, is widely used by advertising agencies. The big idea is to sell a car and the rest gets determined by the psychological dominance of nature in the mind of customers and the thought of adding environmental wellbeing with the owned vehicle. Eventually the declarations made by Foljambe are accepted for an in-depth analytical speculation over the context and, hence, appreciated for making the customer feel the difference between the display in the advertisements and the real life experiences.

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