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In Chapter 1 “The Family as a System” the discussion is focused upon the definition and proper understanding of the term “family”, its functional and structural features.

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To be more specific, the authors encourage the reader to try to comprehend the organizational complexity the family unit presupposes. In my opinion, the importance of this subject is topical as most families go through various crises constantly.

The Chapter 1 depicts the importance of interdependent and reciprocal relationships that must exist between social systems and the family members. Moreover, the authors encourage us to perform a lot of tasks dutifully which are supposed to be done by each family and its subsystems. The proper performance of such tasks allows the family to function beneficially for all its members as everyone knows what is he or she expected to do. However, for these tasks to be executed the right way, each family should work upon the development of the strategies which can help to do the job correctly. The proper choice of strategies leads to the effective function of the unit and, I think, must be individual and not general for different families.

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The first step to the family success begins when its members try to interact with each other, aiming at providing one another with the best living conditions. Observation of family’s interaction patterns and rules helps to understand the structure of fulfilling those basic tasks.

The authors state on the significance of perception the family as a whole, open system, and on its evolving and dynamic nature. The key point here is that the family, as a type of system, develops according to external and internal stresses that influence this system on a daily basis altering the ways of execution of the basic tasks.

I would like to conclude that I agree with the authors who state that the largest challenge of each family is really to meet all those extraordinary and ordinary demands which arise all the time in our society. The success comes only to those who work on the family relationship all the time.

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