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The marriage is an important relationship between husband and wife. In “The Yellow Wallpaper” is an important piece in American literature because it presents a tragic view of how women were treated during the early days. As a feminist piece, it shows how women were oppressed in marriages and confined in their own “yellow paper” rooms where their existence suffers. In the primary source, I will use Charlotte Perkins Giman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper” as an example; it deals with the attitudes of society towards the physical and mental health of women during the 19th century. In my essay, I will discuss how husbands during those days were not necessarily physically abusive but their control over women was even worse, subjecting women to mental and psychological torture. In addition, dysfunctional marriages were common but unrecognized because of the role that men played in society. Furthermore, I will also present the symbolisms that are drawn within the narrative. It can be conjectured that her illness is caused by a recent event in her marriage that has isolated her from the rest of the world. To sum up, I will conclude that male and female in the marriage should be equalize. Husband should not think that he is better than the wife.

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