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The paradox of a human nature is that we try to save some endangered species and absolutely forget about others. One of the interesting points is composed in people’s try to save endangered animals and plants, while, at the same time, they do not know how to protect themselves. If the man seeks in such a way for profits, he gets nothing in the end. Sometimes, our wishes overweight our principles. Nature is stronger than man. He constantly tries to tame nature, but he will never succeed. The man had been on Earth for fifteen thousand years, and Earth had existed for millions of years – it had outlived continental shift, displacement of magnetic poles, and the ice age.

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Marlow is the narrator of Heart of Darkness written by Joseph Conrad in 1899. He stands against colonization and race discrimination. He puts the rights of white and black men on the same stage. Marlow is a seaman. Firstly, the action takes place in London as the author presents a bright description of the river Thames, using different stylistic devices, such as exaggeration and simile. The author, standing at the crossroads before the sea and unfair world overland, chooses the sea as his last asylum.

Heart of Darkness is one of the works of the second period written by Conrad. The narrator is shown here more like an observer than struggler. Observing the greediness and pursuit for profits of Kurtz, Marlow makes a conclusion on the mean act of the character. Deceasing, Kurtz, being a successful business-agent of the company that is specialized on ivory, understands that he led irregular life. The main characteristic feature, which is marked out by the author, is serving a business talent even in the most critical situations. The Russian, who works with Kurtz, tells Charles Marlow about wicked design of Kurtz. The end of the story leaves food for thought for everybody.

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