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In the play” Taming the Shrew” by Shakespeare, it is one of the best plays he has ever written. Following in this context, will be an exposition of the play based on the comparison of the characters involved. So to speak, there are several characters and in this perspective, three pairs of them will be brought into view. As such, there will be a comparison of the characters Kathrine and Bianca, Vencentio and Baptista and in the larger perspective there will be the comparison of Pertuchio and Kathrine. 

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The first comparison will take into consideration the characters Kathrine and Bianca who are both daughters of Baptista. Kathrine is the daughter of Baptista who is established as a shrew. As a matter of fact, she is loud, bad tempered woman and presumed to be unmanageable. This is revealed through her own behavior as well as the comments by other characters in the play. Basically, she is repeatedly criticized as ill tempered and unreasonable by other characters. In fact, when she is approached she abuses her suitors. For instant, she tells Petruchio, “ Go, fool, and whom thou keep’st command” (Shalespeare 72). At the same time, she is presented as a complex individual drawing the concern as well as the sympathy of the audience.

Along with this, she is prone to violence and in particular towards anyone who has intentions to marry her. She has gone to an extent of distressing her father due to the hostility she portrays towards her suitors. From a deeper and careful analysis of her character, there is an in-depth insecurity and jealousy towards her sister Bianca. In the unfolding of the events though, Kathrine does not resist her suitor Petruchio who finally marries her subjugating herself to him despite her previous repudiation of marriage.

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 On the other hand, Bianca is Kathrine’s younger sister who is presumably lovely proving to be the opposite of the sister. She is presented as to be soft spoken, unassuming and more to this she is sweet and beautiful (Shakespeare 43). Following this point, it is important to note that she acted as Kathrine’s principle female foil. It has also been pointed out that due to her larger dowry along with the mild behavior attributed to her, several men ask for her hand in marriage. However, her father Baptista cannot allow her to marry until Kathrine the elder sister is married (Shakespeare 24). Towards the end of the play however, kathrine is more obedient to the husband and more desirable than the sister Bianca who is no longer obedient to the husband.

In connection to this, there is the characters vincentio and Baptista. In terms of relationship, Vincentio is the father to Lucentio who is a student in Pisa . Vincento of Pisa is portayed as Lucentio’s wealthy father. In the play, he only comes to Padua at the end of the play in order that he may find his son (Shakespeare 151). At this time, he sees Tranio trying to impersonate his son and he is afraid that Lucentio might be dead. In line with this, Tranio and the Pendant accuse him of being a madman and an impersonator and in the long run they try to put him in jail (Shakespeare 157).

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Nonetheless, the truth is then revealed and Vincento is eventually happy to see his son wedding with Baptista’s daughter, Bianca. On the other hand, there is Babtista who is a major character in the play. Just as it is with vincento, he is also a father. This is to suggest that he is the father to Bianca and Kathrine. In the same line of thought, just as Vincento is a wealthy man, he is also a wealthy man of Padua. Baptista, seemingly becomes distressed due Kathrine’s shrewdness and violence towards her suitors. In particular, Baptista is good natured, and shows some absentmindedness when Kathrine shows her obstinate nature. Baptista is already desperate in the opening on the play for having not found a suitor for his daughter of whom he has sworn he must marry before Bianca the young sister. 

In the same line of thought, there is Pertruchio and Kathrine who happen to be other characters in the play. They are married at the end of the play. Most important to note, Pertruchio is a gentleman who ails from Verona. Notably, he is loud, intelligent, frequently drunk, boisterous and weird altogether. His purpose is to just marry and thrive. He says” I come to wive wealthily in Padua; if wealthily, then happily in Padua(Shakespeare 41).Nothing more that he wishes for, apart from a woman with enormous dowry and in this sense, Kathrine becomes the perfect one for him. Despite the many warnings owing to kathrine being shrew, he pursues his dream and wins her. Although it is attributed to Kathrine to be shrew, Pertruchio proves to be even more shrew and a madman to the eyes of Kathrine along with the fact that he was also shrew to others who were around him.

By so doing, he translates Kathrine who was loud, quick tempered and unmanageable to a good and obedient wife who becomes a role model to other wives even to her sister Bianca who was mild in the beginning of the play. This is portrayed where he sends for his wife and he is the only one who turns out (Shakespeare 175). He was rewarded for it and given twenty thousand crowns as the wager. From this point of view, Pertruchio and Kathrine who are a husband and wife had the same characteristics and as a result, Pertruchio managed Kathrine as he matched her character in spirit and form.

From the above information that has been provided from the comparison of the three pairs of the characters, it is fit for title six all rounded. This is because by studying these characters and comparing their relationship and the ultimate conflict, they make up the whole play. From this point of view, they make up a large percentage of the major characters with few of them as minor.

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