A well-written business report implies its structure is concise, clear, and easy for readers to understand. As suggested by its name, such a report provides data and information analysis to help business investors and senior managers make sound decisions. 

The Structure of a Business Report

The requirements of such type of report often differ from one organization to another but these documents generally follow a set structure. Depending on the purpose and nature of your report and/or the business it is intended for, you may include all of the sections below or skip some of them.

  • Report title: The title of a business report sets out its aim or purpose. It may also include the writer’s name and date it was created or presented.
  • The contents of the report: It is usual for lengthy business reports to have tables of content. These list the different chapters along with their headings and page numbers.
  • Some reports need executive summaries: An effective summary provides in brief terms any relevant background or historical information about the report, sets out the problem(s) being investigated, and makes recommendations about possible solutions. The summary should also mention any limitations and/or assumptions made in the course of writing the paper.
  • Introductory section: The business report structure requires an introduction section and it is here you provide detailed background information to explain the paper’s purpose. The introduction gives an idea of what will follow in the next chapters.  
  • Describe how information was gathered: Provide a detailed explanation of the method(s) used to collect information and mention the limitations of these method(s). You may also discuss what you did to overcome any limitations.
  • Results or findings: When writing a business report, findings need to be corroborated with sufficient data to demonstrate you were thorough in the research you did. Also, consider including your personal observations, statistical information, consumer figures, and the opinions of industry experts to help justify any recommendations you make.
  • Concluding section: Summarizes the present situation according to your findings and your own observations, and you may propose a course of actions for the future.
  • List of references: Presented alphabetically, this should record all sources used to create your report.
  • Appendix section: You may include appendices as the last section to bring together items of a similar nature. Here, you can include any supplementary and/or important information or materials referred to or discussed in the body of your report.


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Some things to bear in mind when writing your report:

  • Keep the voice consistent (e.g., passive or active voice)
  • Make sure all facts, spelling, and grammar are accurate.
  • Where a college or business place has its own templates or format for writing reports, use these.

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