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Many students have said that a number of times in their academic career, both in high school and in university, they were asked to write a compare and contrast essay. In a compare and contrast essay, students are required to, by their teacher or professor to compare two, or a large number, of items, events, problems, or things and evaluate where they are similar and where they are different. Teachers and professors like to assign compare and contrast essays because they necessitate critical thinking on the behalf of the student. It also aids them in sharpening their argumentation skills.



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A Few Examples of Possible Topics for a Compare and Contrast Essay

  • Compare and contrast the various weather conditions in the Californian and Texan cotton-growing areas
  • Compare and contrast the way former United States presidents, H. Truman and F.D. Roosevelt approached the growing problem of the Soviet Union
  • Compare and contrast the themes of the movies "God Father" and "Once Upon a Time in America"

In some occasions, a writer may be required to compare, sometimes they are requested to contrast, and on many occasions, both comparing and contrasting need to be performed in the paper. However, as well, the comparison and contrast may actually be part of a much larger essay. In cases such as these, writers are asked to compare and contrast a number of things or event to aid in developing a stronger argument later on.

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Below are a few examples of different topics and where there should be a compare and contrast part included:

  • Hamlet and the treatment of love and hatred
  • How F.D. Roosevelt and H. Truman defined the American policy term "D'etente"
  • The effectiveness of pollution reduction programs in Los Angeles, California and New York, New York

There are some students that like to use a variety of compare and contrast techniques within their essays to aid in developing an argument later on throughout their paper. For instance, if you are asserting that Truman's approach to the Soviet Union was more effective than Roosevelt's approach to the Soviet Union during his time in office, then a compare and contrast section in the paper will aid in developing your argument in your paper.

Compare and Contrast Techniques

A Venn diagram is often considered the most effective way available to compare and contrast different subjects. By drawing this diagram, individuals are able to compare and contrast a number of events, things, or subjects. To create a proper Venn diagram, an individual needs to draw a number of overlapping circles. Each circle represents a different idea that has been properly researched. Where the circles overlap, the individual needs to write down the various similarities between the subjects. In the part of the circles that do not overlap, an individual needs to write down all the possible features that make these items different. Keep in mind that to create a viable Venn diagram, the individual must have comprehensive knowledge about these two subjects. Write down all the facts down and then utilize the Venn diagram to organize them coherently.

After the major comparison and contrasting points are jotted down, it is easier to concentrate on the primary objective of the compare and contrast essay. The rest of the paper should be a lot easier to write.

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