Most college English courses require multiple writing projects, including the explanation essay. It is meant to answer the questions"what, when, where, who and how" in relation to the topic about which you are writing. By answering these questions, you can describe the topic fully and make it clear to your reader.

Your essay will begin with an introduction, where you will explain why you chose the topic and discuss the structure of the paper to follow. After the introduction, you will write the main body; this portion of the essay is generally several paragraphs long and presents evidence, related literature, and a logical discussion of the subject of the paper. This portion of the paper should exhibitwell-developed thoughts in order to convince the reader that you understand the subject. The end of the paper, or the conclusion, should summarize the points you have made in the paper and lend credibility to your position.



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Writing an Explanation Essay: What to Start With?

An explanation essayfunctions to provide concise information on a topic and explain it to the reader in a coherent and logical fashion. Applying the questions listed here can help you to format your essay and present your evidence clearly:

  • What/Who?
  • When?
  • Where?
  • How?
  • Why?

By answering all of these questions, you will cover your subject fully and provide a clear explanation to the reader. Before you start writing, it is a good idea to create an outline which addresses each of these questions.

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Your introduction should include a thesis statement which clearly tells the reader what you are going to talk about and why, as well as giving a brief outline of the structure of your essay.

The main body of your essay should contain several paragraphs which present your position and provide supporting arguments, as well as any contrary points of view that are relative to the subject. Be sure to develop your thoughts in a logical fashion and create clear transitions from one idea to another throughout the paper.

The conclusion of your essay may be a single paragraph which summarizes your arguments and strengthens your position. If you need help writing a custom essay, our online writing service is here to help. You can buy cheap essays of the highest quality on any subject, at any academic level. All of the papers we provide are unique and original, never downloaded from an essay archive.

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