Music essays may encompass anything from personal feelings about a particular form of music, to the more technical aspects, such as the cultural interplay of music in society, or music history.

How to Write a Music Essay

A music essay is comparable to any other form of essay. It requires the writer to carefully compose a thesis sentence, or short paragraph, which is within the limits (for length) and subject areas of the assignment. The structure will normally follow the usual pattern of introduction, body, and conclusion.



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The introduction is a statement of the thesis, which is the writer's position or idea to be expanded upon, or substantiated in the body of the essay. It should be a relatively brief statement, written in expressive terms which will pique the interest of the reader.

The essay's body contains the observations, research, or the rationalization of feelings, which support the thesis. The order of the paragraphs should relate directly back to the order of the ideas as presented in the thesis. The paragraphs should be balanced as each element of the thesis is addressed. In some instances, paragraphs may build upon each other as they support the central idea of the thesis. Remember to include only relevant information, avoid redundancies, and carefully choose language which is clear and concise.

The conclusion of the essay consists of restating, and reinforcing, the connections linking the thesis to the evidence presented in the body. An appropriate new quotation or example may be used for further reinforcement. The aim of the conclusion is to drive home the writer's point of view, so be sure everything 'adds up', that is, each aspect of the thesis, and conclusion, are fully supported by the data presented in the body.

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