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This paper focuses on a  layout of the plan that is to be carried out before setting up a restaurant  in Ayoo City, China. This is the most suitable place to run  a restaurant that provides a touch of Arabian traditional foods. The restaurant’s main delicacy is food popular the Muslims and Arabs. In particular, this paper investigates the steps that need to be taken in order to   set up a restaurant which serves biryani as the main dish. Despite the fact most restaurants in Ayoo City provide a variety of food types, this concept is new to it. The paper explores various ways on how to market the product and to make the concept acceptable to the people while incorporating the aspect of price analysis. On the other hand, the paper  discusses factors and the social and ethical issues to consider before setting up the restaurant.

China Business


Biryani is a delicacy  popular among the people of Asian, Arabic, and Chinese origins. It is made of  rice and a variation of  ingredients that are used to make it tasty. The dish has spices, eggs, vegetables or meat depending on a kind of biryani that a person orders . Most people of Arabian descent, and  Muslims in particular enjoy  this meal. The delicacy, which comes with a lot of variation in taste, flavor, and texture, has become  an occasional food served at weddings, parties, and festivals. Ayoo City in China is the best place to start this business venture since it has a large population of Muslims and Arabs (Religions in china. Chinese culture, n.d.).



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Ayoo City (Location)

Ayoo City is the most appropriate place to start the venture. China is a populous country, with Muslims and Arabs spread in many cities. This implies that there is a readily available market for a restaurant of this kind. Yet, it should be noted that  the suggested dish is not  limited to the Muslims and  Arabs only, predictably it will be enjoyed by people of other nationalities  in the City who would like to visit the restaurant and try the delicacy. Overall, the existing ethnic diversity provides suitable grounds for booming of the business. Just as before setting up any business, it is necessary to establish a suitable location and thoroughly survey the area (Religions in china. Chinese culture, n.d.),  Ayoo City has been found to be the best  hub for establishing a restaurant, as comes from available sources. Knowing the suitability of the area is a sure way of getting an idea on how to start the business venture, yet  some other factors  need to be considered as well. Any  investor should consider  possible competitors in the selected area. In this particular case, the competition in Ayoo City may hamper the restaurant’s development coming  from other dominant restaurants that have been established in the area over a period of time. They may have gained a solid  reputation already, as well as developed  a strong customer link. It may be challenging to penetrate the market, but this does not cut out the possibility of a flourishing business. Proper survey should be done. In particular, the researcher will need to identify the weak points that the competitors have and develop ways of how  make it the strength of the new business. The aim is to attract customers by providing better services to beat the competitors (Religions in China. Chinese culture, 2012).


The concept of the restaurant is unique and captivating. The restaurant aims at providing only one dish, yet will have its variations on offer. The dishes to be made should be exemplary and meet  high standards. They should also be characterized by diversity in taste to cater for all  needs of all customers. The services provided should be of high quality, and the restaurant should ensure exceptional customer relations. Additionally, the restaurant should hire skilled employees, who will demonstrate  competence in their work. The hygiene and levels of cleanliness ought to be appealing to customers and to the general public. This is a promotional strategy that will see more customers attracted to the restaurant, whose main aim is to ensure that the services offered  are unmatched.

Advertising plays a crucial role in the introduction of any new business. It is a way of promoting  business and ensuring there is an increase in  clientele. In the newly established restaurant, discounts may  be allowed on introductory prices to attract many customers at the beginning and make them familiar to the idea. Posters and other forms of advertisements can be used to make the restaurant known to people. The language used should be attractive and appealing. On the other hand, free sampling and tasting of  food is one more way of promoting the restaurant. Inviting language will need to be used to allure customers and make them want to visit the premises. Appealing offers, such as free delivery services within the town, need to be introduced to beat the competition.

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Price Analysis

Current global economic downfall has led to changes in stability of the world economy. This has resulted in substantial economic depression, and the whole world is suffering from its effects. This calls for  a need of careful price analysis to ensure that the restaurant maximizes on profits and minimizes the costs. The researcher should compare prices of goods they want to purchase and find the cheapest and most cost effective prices. This will be achieved through price analysis. The menu prices should be carefully calculated to maximize profits and at the same time not to be too exorbitant. The researcher should analyze whether the venture is appropriate or not. If estimated losses exceed  the profits made, the project should not be reconsidered. Preferably, the Chinese Yuan  should be used in the price analysis since the business in conducted in the country (Price analysis techniques, 2011).

Prices vary, and this translates to variation in the budget. There is a limit to the degree to which the prices can be cut. If the budget cost exceeds that of the profits, the project should be reconsidered. The restaurant has an aim of providing services to the community and also making profit. However, when losses are fixed,  the project should be rejected on the basis of  price analysis. Comparing the cost of production with the cost of  expected profits, if the risk is too high,  the business venture is dropped. The best price deals are to be embraced considering profit maximization. Theoretical values should be matched with the actual values.

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Social and Ethnical Responsibility

The restaurant has a social and ethical responsibility to ensure that the food they provide is safe and fit for human consumption. The management must ensure that the areas around the premises are kept clean on a regular basis. The employees ought to treat customers with uttermost respect and ensure that there is an excellent customer- employee relation. The restaurant should provide a conducive environment, free from any form of discrimination in terms of religion or ethnicity. The management should involve itself in honest dealings and avoid any cases of fraud that will jeopardize the reputation of the business and safety of the employees and customers. This is geared towards fostering unity and harmony in the area (Gebler, n.d.).

The restaurant has to uphold high levels of ethics in its operations. The business should be legally permitted and  obey the laws of the country. Violations of the laws may cause disastrous outcomes to the business. Honesty is to be exercised in all deals by the company since this is the  ethical duty. The employees should be treated with uttermost respect, and terms  and conditions in their contracts should not be violated. This is an ethical responsibility of the company, and it has to adhere to it to ensure a smooth running (Gebler, n.d.).

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The idea is unique and truly inviting. It is a brilliant idea, and the chances are high  that it will be embraced by the people of Ayoo City. The location is suitable considering the ethnical background of the community. The restaurant aims at providing better services that are highly appealing in order to beat the competitors. This calls for a well planned strategy on how to handle the business idea considering the location and demography. The aspects of price analysis and certain  promotion strategies are to be employed to ensure that there is a smooth flow of ideas which are achievable. Price comparison should be done to assist  in budgeting and analysis of prices, and, consequently, the Chinese Yuan should be used, considering that the venture is in China.


Biryani is a popular dish among Muslims, the Chinese and Arabs . China has a vast population of  Muslims who enjoy traditional Arabian dishes. Setting up a restaurant which  serves this dish exclusively is an inviting idea. There is a ready market, which  makes Ayoo City the best place to invest. The project aims at providing spicy rice dishes in the most appealing way with the aim to satisfy the needs of the customers and  ensure profitability. This is an achievable idea, so more effort and time should be invested in the project to make it a successful venture.


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