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CFR (Codes of Federal Regulations) is the codification of universal, permanent rules and regulations published by the office of Federal Register by the executive arm of the federal government of the U.S. CFRs are referred to as administrative laws. The CFRs ought to have a legal authority but they are preceded by U.S codes. U.S codes are codification of legislation whereas CFRs are administrative law. CFR is published annually, has agency current rules in force, it is not changed frequently, and is used frequently as research tool. The codes are divided in 50 units.

49 CFR is an important regulation in daily activities, especially because it touches the issues of transportation. Any individual with physical and medical impairment, such as lack of hand, finger, eye, leg diabetes, or high blood pressure is not allowed to drive commercial motor vehicle unless he is licensed by FMCSRs and he is granted skill performance evaluation certificate. Use of any drugs, such as alcohol is prohibited and clinical examination is done to detect alcohol. Other prohibited groups are those suffering epilepsy and trauma. Healthy and physical fitness tests help to detect any physical, psychological, or organic ailment that can affect the driver’s capacity to drive safely (US Department of Transportation, 2012). Inclusion of these rules and examination is for public safety. This reduces the cases of road carnage that are often caused by careless driving, drug abuse, and lack of relevance driving skills. FMCSRs (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations) ensure these regulations are strictly followed (US Department of Transportation, 2012).

The absence of these rules will lead to high cases of road carnage caused by unskilled driving resulting in careless driving, which will increase the rate of deaths, disabilities, and instability. The absence of the regulation will also promote the use of drugs and alcohol while driving therefore many accidents. In addition, the use of substance is addictive and promotes criminal activities thereby endangering the society. Therefore, the 49 CFR regulations are significant for the safety of our roads.


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