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1.      A Training Event I Participated

In today`s society, training is viewed as an activity that produces the best product of learning. Learning is termed as added knowledge, competencies, and proficiency. This is why training and development in the 21st century is viewed as a vital tool in our lives and businesses that assist in attaining objectives and earning high degree of output (Shaw, n.d). In this view, our organization started a Technology-based Learning (TBL), which I was part of. Technological shift has necessitated retraining of employee in order to maintain its workforce and sustain a competitive edge in the industry. The training was conducted online via the Internet where the training team stipulated the time and all the employees would converge on computers. The training took us a quarter of a year with the stipulated days and hours of learning. Training modules were also given on CD ROM to avoid training the employee on every procedure that they may require on their working life. The training allowed us integrates work with learning whereas the training modules were available for future references.

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2.      The Less-effective part of the Training p style="text-align: justify;">A number of the training parts were less effective although important. First is the need assessment for training; the need was apparent in the firm because of new technological innovations in the industry and there was need to upscale our services to fit in the industry. Second, the senior management support and motivation of employee; the management were aware of the need to improve our services and were all in support. On the other hand, the employees knew the importance of knowledgeable workforce in today`s society.

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3. The Effective Parts of the Training

A number of the parts that our organization took into account throughout the process were effective. First, they informed the employees the objectives and the goals of the training thereby making them focused and aware of what they need to learn. This was to assist the firm tie the training with the job. Second, it stimulated the recall of prior relevant knowledge by ensuring that trainees had access to information or knowledge necessary for the learning-taking place. We had inception meetings and brainstorming sessions prior to the training. Third is providing trainees with learning materials. This was an important aspect because clear and understandable resources developed enabled us achieve the objective. Additionally, by providing guidance, training, and eliciting the performance, refined the process. Finally, feedback and eevaluation were conducted. Feedback session helped many trainees to make corrections before completion of the training as well as evaluation to examine the extent of achievement of the objectives and overall goals of the project. Evaluation mainly focused on intermediate, short term and long-term results.

4.      Different activity I would have included in the Training Event and how it would Improve the Effectiveness of the Event

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One different activity that was not apparent in our training was enhancing retention and transfer, certification and awarding the winners. It is important for employee to transfer skill they gain from the training to their work. Drafting the program to facilitate retention and transfer of skills gained from trainings is one of the most important component of every training (Blanchard & Thacker, 2007). For this purpose, the opportunity for review needs to be provided at spaced intervals after the training is complete.

Awards and appraisals should be done for those who will have implemented the training to their jobs according to their different efforts to motivate them to improve. In addition, issues of certificates give employees motivation to participate in such trainings, and this would improve effectiveness of the training.

Buy Adult Learning Experience essay paper online

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