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The guide to developing training needs will be based on the gaps that are exhibited in the current employees. This will be an additional item to what is usually in place as far as employee training is concerned. After conducting a survey from the existing staff, one should be able to identify the needs to be addressed in the training. The other way of determining the needs of the training is by borrowing from the daily observation of the current team of employees; and for this matter what they lack in their service board and the remarks of the consumers, who have had their services sought after, in the premise. These elements will be handy in identifying the needs of the training program (Arduser & Brown, 2004).

The next step is creating training materials. More often than not, manuals will be preferred. The employees should be able to access these materials and get a hint on the subject matter of the training. Data that contains particular situations where training was considered necessary and the results thereafter, should part of the material to be used in the training and be accessible to the employees; this will make the employees feel the urgency of conducting the training. The employees should have in mind the benefits of raising the standards of services in the premise; the reputation of the restaurant should translate to better salaries and welfare and is therefore is necessary.

The training medium to be used can be outsourced from recognized institutions offering hotel and restaurant training as a career. The chosen means will be in liaison with a relevant department from the company restaurant to ensure the right material is delivered to the employees. Attending seminars is also another option; this is best suited for ongoing employees. The bottom line in making the choice should be based on the trade-off between the cost involved and the skills gained in order to credit the chosen course of action (Arduser & Brown, 2004).

There are several modes of delivering a training program; the suitability of any, is determined by the effectiveness it has on the subjects. For instance, interactive interviews can be chosen since it is through interaction that the insight of the employee can be understood. Coaching of the staff just after training can also be adopted to help the employees cheer up their efforts and internalize the skills from the training.

Evaluation of the ongoing training program is equally important in knowing the direction headed. Sometimes, it can take the company by surprise to realize that the cost of conducting the training is an over-stretch to the budgetary allocation. Similarly, cases of the staff needs changing course could arise overtime. To carry out an evaluation of the training program requires that you have what you want to know predetermined. Thereafter, narrow down to the ways of collecting the information and who will carry out the exercise. Once you have the information, decide how they can be analyzed and their meaning interpreted carefully (Arduser & Brown, 2004).


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