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Question One

Human evolution is a process that has led to emergence of modern humans. Homo erectus, which means “upright man”, is a vanished species of hominid family that existed from the end of the Pliocene era to the Pleistocene period, which is approximately 1.3 to 1.8 million years. Homo erectus is believed to originate from Africa and spread to regions, which include China, Asia, India, and Java. Homo erectus and Homo ergaster are believed to have a bigger cranial capacity of approximately 850cc as compared to Homo habilis, which has less cranial capacity (600cc). The two species are believed to be the first to use complex tools and fire. The differences in brain capacity of the species have been linked changes in environment due to migration. History has indicated that Homo erectus was direct ancestor of the species homo ergaster. Homo ergaster has been considered by paleoanthropologists that it was an African species while H.erectus was Asian variety (Minugh-Purvis 147).

Question Two

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The play “Lysistrata” by Robert Lehan has “transcend time” and has become a masterpiece work to all generations .The play has emerged to be the play of centuries. The play has become relevant after approximately 2,400 years since it was first staged. This is because; the play combines many literature devices which are still relevant in the modern society and among other artists. The play uses universal themes, explicit obscenities, political message that are relevant to the present day, which include sex, feminism, and role of a woman in the society (Greer and Aristophanes 79).

The author also in his play used comedic devices, which are still used today. These include role reversal, slapstick and double entendre. In addition, the author becomes true to his work because of being wise, humorous and basically bawdy enough to engage its audience. With its prominent message of the misfortune of war, from the loss of husbands to the load on the treasury, and loss of sons, the play is as present today as it was during the last 2,400 years ago.

Buy Human Evolution Through Developmental Change essay paper online

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