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Binge drinking is one of the most dreading problems facing college students. Irrespective of great efforts made campaigning against excessive alcohol consumption, students still engage in it. As statistics show, students accept the far-reaching consequences they face but to them, these consequences do not mean that much. For instance, as study conducted in 2000 indicated a 7 % increase in the number of students who take alcohol from their own conscience, to 47 %. Regular binge drinkers illustrate a 3 % increase from 20 %. However, the overall number that involve in binge drinking remains stable as of 1999 compared to 1993 (Wolburg, 2001). In addition, a study by CASA indicates the cost implications were approximately 2000 deaths, all associated with consequences of unintended alcohol consumption in 2001. For a span of 8 years, since 1993, there was a 38 % increase of injuries resulting from intended drinking. Moreover, CASA illustrates that 97,000 students were casualties of sexual assault, and 696,000 fell victims to abuse by fellow mates, all related to binge drinking (Buddy, 2007). From such scaring statistics, anti-drinking campaigns are necessary to save the schooling society.

Students feel protected by the college atmosphere and thus have the excuses to engage in binge drinking. The prescribed order of drinking and the individual opinions are better ways to help understand well the issue of binge drinking. As much as alcohol can be dangerous to a student, many do not care whatsoever and they end up after having good times that eventually lead to extreme hangover the next morning rendering one feeble for sometimes more than a day (Wolburg, 2001).

From the fact that different individuals will experience different degrees of impairment after taking alcohol, campaigns to eliminate binge drinking are usually not successful, but the efforts to reduce it is more successful. From the swiftly changing global competition, binge drinking becomes an excuse of escapism from the tough times, and this becomes an excuse to take excessive alcohol. Many bright students destroy their bright future by involving in alcohol. Therefore, it is a responsibility to all stakeholders to avoid becoming part of the problem. They should all unite to reduce binge drinking, clearly showing its advantages and disadvantages, to secure the academic society (Buddy, 2007). If all stakeholders accept the situation, anti-drinking campaigns will yield positive success.


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