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From the time, the earliest personal computer became available in the year 1975, it used a complex assembly language that proved hard for many users to understand, the efforts of Gates and Allen gave rise to a simplified symbolic language in form of codes known as BASIC. This was language became easy for users to understand hence it sold very well and formed the basis of personal computers. It was after the BASIC instruction code that a more developed languages were born, FORTRAN language, which simply made FORmula TRANslation and COBOL representing the Common Business Oriented Language (Puthawala & Mary, 2002). Through proper development that kept in line with changing demands and market strategies, Microsoft Corporation has proved a more success company that remains competitive in all aspects.

By 1980, IBM got in to software market and collaborated with Microsoft to develop the second advanced generation of personal computers, which consisted of the most efficient components of the computer. These included the operating system (transmission component of the computer) and the microprocessor, (the thinking part of the computer). Microsoft then purchased other operating system from other companies like Seattle creating the MS-DOS, the Microsoft Disk Operating System (Puthawala & Mary, 2002). Such new developments gave room for multiple applications that arose at those times. Advanced produced that met the necessary demand of the time made Microsoft and Intel to achieve great success in their efforts. By 1983, Microsoft Word came to market and then Excel in 1987 as well as PowerPoint, which Microsoft bought from Forethought. Consolidation of these products created the Microsoft Office, fully equipped with other software and hardware products catapulting Microsoft to a whooping 140 million dollars market share in the first decade (Puthawala & Mary, 2002).

Microsoft’s collaboration with other companies like IBM gave competition to other small companies, which got encouragement from their success to bounce back to market. Due to its success, by March 1998, Bill Gates came out to defend Microsoft’s success from criticisms from its competitors. Their claims that Microsoft products such as the Windows Operating System, and Explorer created monopoly in the industry was defeated as its competitors produced substandard products hence giving Microsoft an edge in the market. Despite convictions that Microsoft violated Antitrust Act, agreements of 2001 saw Microsoft agree to settle any disputes outside the corridors of justice (Puthawala & Mary, 2002). Through commitment and dedicated development, Bill Gates saw Microsoft always on development of new technologies as times and new challenges emerge where company policies ensures that its customers get the best and affordable products the best way possible.


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