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Free «Patriarchy» Essay Sample

Patriarchy has become a powerful force in the majority of the nations today. The era of matriarchy has almost disappeared from the multinational arena, despite all the feministic movements and constant fights for women’s rights. Actually, these movements only prove the potency of the patriarchal rule in the whole world.

The best definition for the patriarchal processes is the control of men. Disregarding the fact that women are no less capable, wise, and creative as men are, the men are those, who hold the most influential power in their hands. Different industries, high decision-making positions, and vital state institutions undermine female authority and importance on the national level (Wentworth, 2004).

The growing percentage of the male violence against the weaker sex also leads to the strengthening of the patriarchy positions. Women from minority groups suffer the most, facing racism, sexism, and other oppressive behaviors (Ray, n.d.).

Men’s realization that they play a crucial role in the procreation process changed their world-view, marking a new era in the relationship between men and women (Ray, n.d).

One of the most important reasons of the growth of the patriarchal system, in my opinion, has been fostered by leading world’s religions of Islam and Christianity. The Bible as well as the Quran states that females should be submissive to males. Patriarchy is observed in the family traditions, too, where women take the name of their fathers and husbands (Wentworth, 2004).

In conclusion, I would like to say that the situation is changing in the present world. Despite the fact that men still occupy the majority of the most influential positions, the role of a woman grows up with each coming year. However, I do not quite see a lot of positive in it as such processes only provoke conflicts between those, who must love and respect each other. Rights should be equal, and then no problems with feminism or patriarchy will arise in any society.


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