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In the modern world of fast development people hurry up to accomplish daily duties without thinking much about the value of life. Rarely someone stops to take a deep breath and think what the most important things are for a person, why does one live, why do they work, and do what they do. People forget about the pleasure of enjoying each moment while they have such an opportunity. However, we are still human beings and we are led by the primary instincts. We feel the need to leave someone after us when we are gone. Therefore, most of us want to have children. We want to have them for various reasons. For instance, to have someone to care for us when we get older, because everyone else we know has one, to continue our mutual love in this child, etc.

Children change our worldview, our wishes and our feelings. Children change who we are. Most people with children agree that it is difficult to tell what real love is until you have your own child. Only with them our lives become truly fulfilled and we can see the true purpose of why we are here. However, today’s tendencies show that many couples prefer living together without burdening themselves with the need to expand their families. On my opinion, it is a very sad tendency, but each person should have the right to choose the way of life one prefers. Therefore, I, as a proponent of having children, will try to outline all the advantages of this decision in this paper.



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The first and most important argument for me is that any couple can be perceived as a real family unit only when they have a child. The bonds between people, which appear with the birth of a baby, cannot be compared to any other bond that exists between a man and a woman. People always feel that something is missing in their relationship when their love reaches its peak. They want to continue this strong feeling in someone, who will make them even closer. This is the time when the desire to have a baby appears.

It is a very special kind of happiness a mother feels when she first holds a child after nine months of difficulties. This moment is incomparable to anything else in the whole world. Even the first kiss or the marriage with the love of your life cannot be compared to the sheer bliss of having the opportunity to feed your tiny newborn (McEntire, n.d.).

The next argument is that children help one to learn how to be selfless, giving, and generous. Everyone who has children can tell that being a parent is a twenty-four hour job, which never ends. One always feels the responsibility to care about the offspring all the time. Even while sleeping one wakes up thinking how is the baby doing. Their needs become a number one priority till the end of your life. Your desires are always at the second place. You allegedly forget that you also have those needs.

Parents live for their children dedicating all their minutes to them, if not in deeds, than in thoughts. When you do something for your offspring, your love to them only flourishes.

The third argument is the enrichment, which children bring into your life. When one looks into the big, curious eyes full of wonder. This is when you know at once that soon you will have to think hard in order to explain simple things in even simpler way, such as why are the clouds of different form, why is the sun hot, why are the tomatoes red, why does it rain, etc. Quite often you understand how little you really know. It is also a good stimulus to go and study. Children can be truly called the best teachers in the whole world. They make us look at the things from the new perspective. Children do not judge, or perform stereotypes, and inferiority complexes. They are the happy people who enjoy each moment of life, each sun ray of the sun in the window, and each tiny snowflake on their rosy cheeks. If people could only preserve this wonderful ability to look at everything that surrounds them with the eyes full of wonder, they would be much more successful, and each day will seem to them as another joyful adventure, not a boring routine.

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The next argument I would like to mention is quite controversial. A lot of people can disagree with me on the fact that children improve their parents’ health. Wise couples understand that they should be in a perfect fit due to the two reasons. First, they must show a good example for the kids to follow. Second, they have to feel well in order to be able to give their offspring a good care. They are responsible for the well-being and actually life of their children; therefore, they cannot allow themselves to feel bad as the kids will suffer from it as well (McEntire, n.d.).

The fifth argument states that our children help us to learn about ourselves so many new and interesting things. Men and women learn to be patient, more responsible, and caring. They also learn new ways to express their love and the importance of it. Surprisingly, the children often help us to find what really matters for them in life. They change your values and bring down stereotypes. Children truly have a lot to teach us.

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The importance of a good self-esteem for our well-being is known to everyone, and children are so good at making your purposefulness as high as possible. When the child looks at you and frankly says, “Mommy, you are the best mother in the whole world” or “Dad, I dream to be exactly like you when I grow up” – these powerful words have an unforgettable impact.

Of course, the future parents should not forget that deciding on having a baby will mean a sacrificing many things, which once were very important for them. Nevertheless, the reward for expanding a family with a child cannot be undermined. The sooner the person commits fully to the family, the quicker he or she will discover the bliss of life. With each coming day you see the positive impact that you have on your kids, you observe how they do things the way you do it, and you want to do everything at your best so your children will follow you, and your sense of pride will flourish with them in your life. It is definitely true that the real success in one’s life comes only when you become a successful parent (McEntire, n.d.).

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Another argument if favor of having a baby is that children make you younger. You become a child again as well. When bringing a child up, you play various games with them, watch cartoons, and keep thinking on such eternal topics about “why the sky is blue and the grass is green”.

An important argument is that the parents laugh much more than couples without children. The children are really funny, as they do many little humorous things. Being a parent gives you all the pleasure to enjoy these little moments. It also works in reverse: The happier you are, the better you children will feel, and vice versa.

The last argument worth mentioning in this paper is love. When you have children you have more love in your life. Many scientists prove that the more you care about someone, the more love you experience in your life. On the other hand, there are also more people who love you in return. Children’s love is different, as it is much more powerful and sincere. They love you for being who you are. You are always their favorite, the best parent. They do not pay attention to how you look, or how expensive your clothes, or cars are. Their love is simple and, therefore, undefeatable.

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To conclude I would like to add that children make our lives richer, more interesting and adventurous. With them we become better and happier people who learn to treasure little, unforgettable moments of the first smile, first step, first hug and overwhelming “Mommy” or “Daddy”. They are the true joys of our lives.


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