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Mein Kampf is a book written by Hitler. When the name Hitler is mentioned in any context, what comes in mind is some kind of evil and brutality along with bloodshed. Hitler is a man well known in the history who in particular defended the existence of the German and who happened to be a great dictator. So to speak, having lived in an area whereby the Jews lived in Vienna, he disliked anything that the Jews were up to. In specific terms, Hitler was one of those men in the History who thought that the Jews were responsible for everything bad that happened in the world especially to the German. It was during the period when France invaded the German and disarmed them leading to their greatest humiliation. He later managed to arrange for a coup d’état that failed landing him in jail for five years.

Others were killed out of a fire that broke in the city square in the coup that he led in 1923 in Munich. In the same line of thought, Hitler having fallen on a pavement and injured on his spine, he was taken in prison for five years as earlier on highlighted. It was during this period that Hitler wrote the book Mein Kampf. Mein Kampf is a book with great significance in history as well as its contribution to the history and the onset of the Second World War in the larger perspective. Hitler wrote the book under a very great distress and when reading it, one can sense the kind of emotional stress that Hilter was going through. Mein Kampf is translated in English as My struggle. Having been pointed out as an individual who had no excellent skills in writing, he dictated his words and was in turn put on paper by his fellow prisoner.



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Mein Kampf is a book that when one reads can get to know all what revolved in the life of the great dictator Hitler. His writing was in actuality a propaganda that was aimed at protecting the Aryan as he called it. This was the name that he gave to the German race of which it was struggling for existence. It was as a result of this struggle for existence that Hitler felt the need to eliminate or rather eradicate the Jews of whom he felt that they threatened the existence of the Germans. His attitude towards the Jews was an inborn aspect that made him to fight Marxism and Judaism as the greatest evils on earth. The fight would only be accomplished by ensuring that both of them were eradicated by all means.

Mein Kampf is a great work that reflects who the person of Hitler was in reality. Although it was taken as a simple book, yet it was a great deal of propaganda revealing a step by step plan that would lead to the Second World War. The book again provides an outline of Hitler’s political philosophy. In this sense, he argues that German of which he named Aryan race was superior to all the other races. He also points out that culture and civilization are bound up with the actual presence of the Aryan. In addition, Hitler provides that the Aryan’s superiority was greatly threatened by intermarriage that would in turn decline world civilization. Again, he associated the Jews with everything negative he thought of. He associated them with prostitution, modern art and pornography. As if this was not enough, he also points on the fact that the losing of the First World War was perpetuated by the Jews.

From his point of view, Jews were a lazy generation that contributed nothing to the world civilization. He also believed that the Jews were slowly taking over the control of the world by means of controlling the largest political party in Germany of which it was the German Social Democrat party. They also controlled the leading country’s newspapers and companies and as a consequence they would control the whole world, an aspect that agitated Hitler. In line with this, he also accused the Jews for having a conspiracy with the communists to take over the whole world. In consistence to this, Hitler brought out the point that a combination of the Marxist and the Jews was the reason behind the fall of Russia and in this sense was a threat to the rest of the Europe.

In connection to this, he promised to win this land back once he got into power and also bring at an end the Marxist and Jewish dominance in Russia and thus this would act as a protection for the German people. He also proposed that in order ton achieve the expansion on the East, an alliance was required with Britain and Italy. This would translate to prevention of the Germans from fighting a war on both sides of the west and East at the same time. Following what Mein Kampf really meant in history remains to be a great resource whose importance cannot be disputed.

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As a work of art, it can be viewed as a work of political theory. This is for the reason that he exposes his hatred for what he particularly believed that it was the world’s twin evils. The twin evils in this connection were communism and Judaism. Accordingly, Mein Kampf is presented as a book on foreign policy shown by the incidence where Hitler makes a prediction of the political emergence of German in the scene of the world. According Mein Kampf, Social Darwinism, eugenics and anti-Semitism were the ideas that controlled Hitler’s actions as well as his works. Additionally, Mein Kampf presents to the reader with a clear indication that Hitler sought to reinvent German myths by weaving his Jewish hatred into views that led to postwar peace treaty of 1919. In accordance to the Nazi’s messages during the campaigns, the book seems to be a foundational tool that reveals the true meanings of the messages. By closely examining the content of the Mein Kampf, it has much to do with the surrendering of the Germans and the ensuing peace terms. These were the terms that Hitler did not agree on and as a consequence, he sought ways to regain the former glory of Germans.

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The book persuades the reader to engage in breaking of the international law and so overcome the losses of Versailles together with its terms. This would only be achieved by the might of the sword and thus achieve and become a world power. The book reveals the quest for war and conquest that was possessed by the Nazi party. With the Post war Germany having connections with the parliamentary constitution with proportional representation; Hitler viewed such a system with disdain. He points out that democracy is a forerunner of Marxism which he strongly hated and advocated for a firm authoritarian leader presumably himself. From Hitler’s perspective, Russia was a seat of communism which was in particular carried out and influenced by Jews. This made him to crave more to conquer Russia.

From the analysis of Mein Kampf, one can be able to find out that Hitler’s points of view were influenced so much by what he did. At first he managed to engage in the First World War as a soldier as he was accepted in the Bavarian. So to speak, he enjoyed his experience in the war and following this factor, he became so much interested in propaganda that was being heavily used by the enemies. He realized this attribute from the socialist Marxist organizations of which he felt that they were good at using propaganda. Since he apparently believed that the war was all about survival for the German people, he thought of propaganda to be the best way to achieve the goal of survival.

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The Nazi party was then formed in order to carry out the fight for the survival of German people who were forced to surrender and thus were disarmed leading to their defeat. According to Hitler, a nation derives his power from its soil and thus from it can be able to feed its people; hence more land was needed in order to sustain the Germans. Therefore, German supposedly needed a land, its own soil to feed its own people and account for their survival. Being the leader of Nazi party particularly in the propaganda to win back that which was lost in the World War I, much effort was needed and in particular, terror was to be fought by terror. When the Germans gave up its arms it was a great humiliation and in Mein Kampf, Hitler felt that the main goal of France was to get Germans out France and Belgium.

Following this point, he points out that the treaty had the aftermath effects and the fact that the occupation of Rurh was for demoralization of German people. Another point that comes out so clearly in Mein Kampf is the aspect of Hitler as a racist nationalist who seeks to see the survival of the German people. In order to realize these goals he suggests that intermarriage should be avoided as the mixture of breed which involves one at a higher level and the other on a lower level would cause the one at a higher level to be brought low and in particular get diluted. Only a pure blood of the German in this case was needed for the German race to survive in the world.

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Being threatened by the Jews, of whom he believed were the main cause of all the evil and failure in the German, Hitler stated that it was impossible for one to become both a German and a Jew. Even though Jews were Germans and others French with differences on the religion, Hitler had developed a hatred for Jews and the origin of the hatred is not well explained in the book. Having highlighted and analyzed the work and the content of Mein Kampf, the book remains to be outstanding in the History and the influence it had on the Second World War. Due to its content and the ideas that have been put together, one can best describe it as a propaganda book which revealed what was to happen in the latter under the influence of Hitler.

Commonly known as the greatest dictator in history, Hitler believed that terror can only be eliminated by terror and in this sense the might of the sword was the only way to win back the freedom of the German people. Since German was presumably the leading race and the only pure race according to him, struggle for the survival by all means was the only solution ever known. The content of the book is the foundational history on the reasons why Hitler invaded the Europe both the East and west before launching the attack of the Russia.

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The chief woes of the German people were attributed to the parliament of the Weimar Republic and this was the reason that he would destroy the system and restore the authoritarian one by being in power. He also highlights what he did later on the issue of using a program to overthrow the shackles of Treaty of Versailles and the latter formation of allies with British Empire and the Fascist Italy. The plan also entailed how to fight France and allies in Eastern Europe. Shortly after, the third stage would destroy the Judeo-Bolshevik regime in the Soviet Union. Subsequently, a space for German would be found.

It is essential at this point to bring into view the emergence of the World War II. The Second World War began as Nazi Germany invaded Poland in 1939. This is a clear indication that Mein Kampf had an influence on the Second World War. Following this point, when Hitler came into power, the book was read by many soldiers and was given in many cases to every new married couple in their wedding as a present. The book was banned in some nations as it was viewed as false piety. Once one has read Mein Kampf the possible conclusion is that it was a manifesto that revealed the root cause of atrocities of Hitler. The book has information on the intentions of Hitler for war and genocide that would have otherwise been prevented if it was read. There is no doubt that the Mein Kampf influenced the Second World War.

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The war broke as a result of the invasion of the Poland by Nazi Germany under the leadership of Hitler. This strategy was well explained in his book Mein Kampf which he took time to dictate for writing while in prison. The hatred expressed in the writing was put in practice as he looked forward to exterminate the Jews. By invading the Poland, Nazi Germany persecuted Jews and resorted to the massacre of many of them by use of a system that eliminated in the first place those that had defects. Killing facilities were availed and as a result many Jews were killed. Due to this fact, the Second World War was declared against German.

This happens to be the worst war ever seen in the world that exposed brutality to humanity. The main goal of the Germans was to eliminate all the Jews by killing them through programs of mass killing. No one who had read Mein Kampf would question the invasion of Poland. This is because the points were well stated in the book showing how Hitler would manage to carry out this propaganda. It all stemmed from the hatred for Jews and the thoughts he developed towards them in the course of time. In their demonstration and campaigns, Nazi Germans promised to eradicate the Jews of whom they thought that they were the main cause of everything that happened to them. While destroying their religious buildings and killing them, they would boast that they were only fulfilling what they had determined to do once they get into power.

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In Mein Kampf, Hitler states that there was a struggle that he was going through and that was struggle for existence. This is to mean that the Germans were struggling to survive in the presence of the Jews who threatened their existence. In his book, Hitler has brought into view the fact he would invade Poland as it was a land occupied by Jews. Since a nation should feed on its soil, the land should be enough to support its nation; if German was to take control of the whole world more land was required. This was from the provisions of Hitler and a point that revealed his quest for more land of which as he said he attained it by means of a sword. It was one of the world wars that had the greatest number of casualties made also one that led to lose of many lives.

From what the Nazis did from the beginning one could establish the truth that there was a propaganda that was been carried. Nonetheless, to get the information was not that easy and therefore reading Mein Kampf would have made one to know what the Nazi Germany party would carry out under Hitler who had an immense hatred towards Jews, whom he sought how to eliminate in order to keep a pure race of Germans. Evidently, it appears that there would be no second world war were it not for Hitler’s distorted thoughts towards Jews. What appeared to be a normal book written by somebody who had no enough skills, turned out to be a main cause and a tool to perpetuating the Second World War.

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Mein Kampf is a great work and also a book rich in history. It provides enough background on what led to the Second World War without the knowledge of many. Although it was well put down by Hitler, a few individuals grasped it. From the above analysis of this work and the historical content, it is essential to point out that reading Mein Kampf will give an insight on what caused the Second World War. In other words, the content of the book provides the reader with the influence that the book had on World War II.


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