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72 Hour Hold Critique essay

In 72 Hour Hold, in a novel of redemption and family, a mother fights an almost losing battle attempting to save her daughter aged 8 years from a devastating resultant of mental illness through insisting on her that she should deal with her ... Read more »

A Rumor of War essay

It was a war that took almost 11 years leading to the deaths of numerous innocent lives. Vietnam War a historical war fought by America and other parties saw the recruitment of young soldiers to the U.S Marine to defend their territorial boundaries ... Read more »

A Social Autopsy of Disaster in Chicago essay

To begin with, Heat Wave: A Social Autopsy of Disaster in Chicagoby Eric Klinenberg is one of the books that are quiet fascinating. In connection to this, it is important to note the main points that the author has brought into view. Being a ... Read more »

Affluenza Symptoms in My Community essay

Affluenza is a dangerous association of money. Among the individuals, Affluenza is termed as the combined obsessions, psychological wounds, neurosis, character flaws and behavioral disorders triggered by the existence or yearnings for affluence. ... Read more »

All God’s Children Need Traveling Shoes essay

Angelou is one of the great voices of contemporary African-American literature.She is best known for her series of five autobiographical novels such as All God’s Children Need Travelling Shoes. In addition to her great literal works as an ... Read more »

All the King’s Men essay

Jack uses the metaphor of the card game to express various themes in All the King’s Men, such as the theme of corruption, hopelessness and uncertainty of the future. For instance, Jack spends his time digging clues of Judge Irwin’s past. ... Read more »

America Again: Re-becoming the Greatness we never Weren't essay

Stephen Colbert expresses his strong opinion of the state of affairs in the United States of America through his book, “America Again: Re-becoming the Greatness we never Weren’t”. In a strong and courageous way, Colbert takes the ... Read more »


It I is arguably described as one of the most controversial literatures published in the 20th century. Such heightened controversies are manifested in the banning of the book by certain governments on the basis that it posed danger to the teens. As ... Read more »

And Tango Makes Three essay

 “And Tango Makes Three’’ is a children’s book that is based on a true story of Silo and Roy, a male pair of the Chinstrap Penguins living at the Central Park Zoo in New York. The book describes six years of their life, ... Read more »

Angels and Demons Analysis essay

Everything in the world has an opposite side. The Christianity is no exception. There are angels and demons. They are the opposite beings with different purposes and roles. Angels are God’s creatures who serve to the goodness. They are kind ... Read more »

Animal Farm and Brave New World essay

The ideals and aspirations that have been discussed in the books entitled “Animal Farm and Brave New World” speak of the fact that the world will not remain on its constant state of economy, politics and even socially speaking. The ... Read more »

Architectural Criticism and Journalism essay

In this essay, the following subtopics will be discussed: •          Introduction about the book. •          Architectural criticism: Thinking ... Read more »

"Beautiful Boy" essay

Graphic design is a creative process that involves conveying a message to the target audience. It is a combination of words, symbols and images to communicate a set of ideas. Beautiful Boy is a book by David Sheff about his life as a father of a son ... Read more »

"Beautiful Boy" by David Sheff essay

Graphic design is a creative process that involves conveying a message to the target audience. It is a combination of words, symbols and images to communicate a set of ideas. Beautiful Boy is a book by David Sheff about his life as a father of a son ... Read more »

Binu and the Great Wall by Su Tong essay

The Plot Su Tong, Published the novel Binu and The Great Wall in February 2008 by Random House Canada. The novel features a myth of the girl, Binu, whose ears collapsed the great wall; it is the seminal myth of the Chinese culture. The author ... Read more »

Black Mamba essay

Black Mamba boy is a book by Nadifa Mohamed to memoir fictitiously the life of her father as a child. It traces the life of a young boy from Somalia in the 1930s British Somaliland going north in a quest to find his father after his mothers death. ... Read more »

Book Report on Silent Spring essay

The publication of the book Silent Spring, by Rachel Carson’s generated a storm of debate on the consumption of the chemical used for pesticides. Carson's main intentions in writing the book was to caution the public of the hazards linked with ... Read more »

Book Review: Driving While Black essay

Driving While Black is authored by Kenneth Meeks and published by Meeks Publisher. The Book highlights issues based on race, class and gender. It outlines specific issues and theoretical concerns based on racial balance, gender balance, class ... Read more »

Book Review of The Goal essay

The book by E. Goldratt and J. Cox – The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement –discusses about how to improve the management of a production plant. The author traces the art of cost accounting from the perspective of money-making. ... Read more »

"Catcher in the Rye" essay

The book is written by the renowned novelist, Salinger, J. D. It was, at first, meant for adults but upon its publication it became a highly readable item amongst teenagers, mainly due to the fact that it offered the themes resonating with some ... Read more »

Catfish and Mandala essay

The essay critically analyzes the relationship between the journey of Andrew Pham and what has been considered the 'landscape' through which he traveled. In the essay, I further explore how he and others managed to encounter the obstacles and ... Read more »

Cause and Effect Essay essay

Children and youth are regarded by the society as the hope for the future. This actions and decisions will shape up the course of the development of the future of the human civilization. As the next generation to follow, how the perceive life and ... Read more »

Characters essay

To begin with, this book is basically about three couples Rosamund and Lyndgate, Fred and Mary and Dorothea and Ladislaw. However, these three couples live in a Middlemarch town. Additionally, there are two specific choices in life that rules in the ... Read more »

Charlotte Temple by Susanna Rowson essay

The article portrays various environments a young is subjected to in society as well as consequences of being exposed to different individuals with diverse perception on social issues. Also, the author is keen in revealing how unpredictable life is ... Read more »

Child of All Nations essay

Introduction Pramoedya ananta toer’s Child of all nations describes the sorrow of Javanese people under the Dutch colonialism. This book is the second in the series known as the epic Buru quartet all written by Pramoedya. This book picks up ... Read more »

Coming of Age in Mississippi essay

Anne Moody is an African-American writer famous for her detailed autobiographical book Coming of Age in Mississippi. She was born in a poor family and after parents’ divorced used to work a lot for “white people”. Being only a ... Read more »

Commentary on Job essay

The author of the book of Job masterfully composes a literary piece in which Job is a representative of all who suffer (Hartley, 1988). The introductory part of the commentary presents Job as a man of untarnished character and devoted to the faith ... Read more »

Creatures and Machines essay

Wendell Berry‘s book titled “Life is a Miracle: An essay against Modern Superstitions”. In Life Is a Miracle, “the devotion of science to the quantitative and reductionist world is measured against the mysterious, qualitative ... Read more »

Destruction of the Indies essay

The author Bartolome de las Calas was a Bishop of Chiapas and a Catholic priest. The thesis of his work Destruction of the Indies is that Spain might come under divine retribution for its treatment of the Native Americans in what was then known as ... Read more »

Drawn from the Sword essay

To start with, in the book ‘Drawn from the sword’ McPherson provides a sequence of essays which explain the controversial concerns of the civil war. This book elaborates the incident in the Northern victory and gives the reasons as to ... Read more »

Eldest Book Report essay

The book opens when Eragon who is a remote boy from a remote valley discovers a dragon egg. When the dragon egg hatches, it is nicknamed Saphira and the two are linked for life and he assumes the only person alive with a rare and powerful status of ... Read more »

Enders Game essay

Ender’s game is a science fiction novel that narrates the story of Andrew Wiggin, a small child who was nicknamed Ender by her sister Valentine. The story happens to have taken place on the earth in the future. The novel actually explores and ... Read more »

Enrique’s Journey essay

Enrique’s Journey by Sonia Nazarios is a book whose data was collected by the author from a true happening story in Honduras town. The author participated by retaking the journey as the young boy called Enrique had. This ensured that she had a ... Read more »

Examining Tuskegee essay

The book examining the Tuskegee is basically divided into three major parts. These parts aims at describing some of the compelling issues that made the study possible, why it continued, and the histories and stories told after it ended. The title of ... Read more »

Fast Food Nation essay

Since the WWII, the culture of fast food has been widely embraced as a better, convenient and cheap form of food service activity. Schlosser opens the book with a vignette about a pizza delivery to Cheyenne Mountain, home of a US Air Force base. He ... Read more »

Fields of Reading Motives for Writing essay

The Case Against Perfection: What's wrong with designer children, bionic athletes, and genetic engineering by Michael J. Sandel 2009. 77-83 Scientific breakthroughs in genetics and other bio-technological science and technology fields present us ... Read more »

Fred Factor essay

One thing with growing up has always been the idea of financial freedom that most of us aspire to attain at a certain age. However with this need arises the necessity of finding a job. As we grow up it is socially inculcated to us that a job is very ... Read more »

Free Culture by Lawrence Lessig essay

Introduction Lessig in his book ‘Free Culture’ focuses on wars against copyright in an expert yet entertaining approach (1). Lessig acknowledges that with the advent of high technology, copy right law is a topic of interest to major ... Read more »

Gifted Hands essay

This is a book report on Ben Carson's book Gifted Hands. The story is based on a true personal story of Ben Carson who is also the author. Ben begins his story by briefing on the John Hopkins twins who were joined from birth. He was requested to ... Read more »

Greetings from Bury Park by Safraz Manzoor essay

This book is considered a memoir because it is a reminiscence of his life as a child. The book is arranged thematically rather than chronologically. It mainly talks about his inspiration in Springsteen’s music and how it emancipated him to ... Read more »

Honest Graft essay

Honest Graft Indeed, it is vital to come up with a favorable disclosure of the mental operation of a majority of the current politicians (Riordon, 1963). As a result, George Washington Plunkitt, one of the Tammany leaders during the Fifteenth ... Read more »

How Do You think It Makes Your Mother Feel essay

The narrator of "How Do You think It Makes Your Mother Feel"s demeanor and words raise the question of whether he is a sympathetic character, whether he is trustworthy or not. The narrator does not come off as a sympathetic character as he narrates ... Read more »

How Loved Played a role in the Cold Sassy Tree essay

The theme of love is one of the themes that have appeared in many books or rather works of literature that has been written in the past. This has appeared in many forms; love as a virtue that brings peace and consolation in the society or love as a ... Read more »

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings essay

I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings is an autobiographical book by Maya Angelou who is an African American poet and writer. This is her first book in a series of books she writes depicting her life. In this 1969 book, the author talks about her early ... Read more »

Ideological Terrorism and Jihadist Networks essay

The books introduce and give the reader a perspective of terrorism and Jihad networks. The handbook by Dyson describes the operations of the terrorists and how the activities are different from those of the other criminals. In addition, the handbook ... Read more »

In Defense of Flogging essay

The author of the book In Defense of Flogging (2011), Peter Moskos, is a current member of the teaching staff at the City University of New York and John Jay College of Criminal Justice. He works there as an assistant professor of law, police ... Read more »

Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl essay

The book "incidents in the life of a slave girl" was written by a former Harriet Jacobs using a pseudonym. She details the emotional and sexual abuse she underwent "as a female slave" in the region of Edenton, North Carolina and her escape from ... Read more »

Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity by David N. Entwistle essay

Summary Entwistle’s Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity offers a case for incorporating Christian faith with psychology. This book follows the symbolism initially put forward by Tertullian (pp. 160-225) in showing Athens and ... Read more »

Is Paris Burning essay

Outline Is Paris burning? This is a classical story which talks about the captivity of Paris during the last but one summer of the Second World War. The liberation of Paris is one of the inspiring events of the World War II and dramatic. The Book is ... Read more »

Ladies and Gentlemen, to the Gas Chamber essay

In the book ladies and Gentlemen to the Gas chamber, is an account of what the author witnessed as well as experienced during the Second World War. It was a period when the Germans controlled the world through their propaganda which made possible ... Read more »

Jesus Teaching as Reported in Matthew essay

The book of Mathew mainly exemplifies the deeds that Jesus did when he was still on earth. When we read from the first to the last chapters, we are introduced to the life of Jesus and all the life experiences he underwent in dealing with the various ... Read more »

“Lives on the Boundary” by Mike Rose essay

The book “Lives on the Boundary”by Mike Rose has become a significant influence on my life because it has put into words many of the feelings and experiences that I have had until now. It is a factual book dealing with the complex ... Read more »

Living Peace essay

Many people understand the importance of maintaining peace for the sake of unity among people. However, few people take the initiative to understand how they can best maintain peace. They do not seem to understand the consequences of their actions, ... Read more »

Maggie: a Girl of the Street essay

Stephen Crane is the author of this 1893 American novel and it’s often referred to as a novella, due to its brevity in length. This novel was the first ever published fiction book by Crane. At this time, Crane was only 21 years old and ... Read more »

Main Character in Eragon essay

The book Eragon is fictional and based on a fantasy world written by Christopher Paolini in 2002. It tells the story of how a young boy of fifteen years came across a sapphire stone and changed the destiny of his people. The setting of the book is ... Read more »

Marital Satisfaction essay

According to sociological factors which are operative in the selection of a mate, it is argued that homogamy theory should be observed in order for a relationship or couples to experience marital satisfaction. Homogamy has been used to refer to the ... Read more »

Mein Kampf essay

Mein Kampf is a book written by Hitler. When the name Hitler is mentioned in any context, what comes in mind is some kind of evil and brutality along with bloodshed. Hitler is a man well known in the history who in particular defended the existence ... Read more »

Michael Connelly essay

Michael Connelly is a well-known American writer of novels that were largely investigative and others based on crime fiction. He was born on July 21, 1956 in Philadelphia but later moved to Florida. He decided to be an author while attending the ... Read more »

Miss Furr and Miss Skeene essay

The short story written by Gertrude Stein “Miss Furr and Miss Keane” is among the most celebrated works of Gertrude Stein, though it may be viewed as contentious. Miss Furr and Miss Keane encompasses peculiar linguistic and naturalistic ... Read more »

Modern Language Association essay

Modern Language Association is a citation style that is normally used when writing articles in the field of the Humanities. Professionally, academic writers are required to conform to the set guidelines of citation and reference using MLA format. On ... Read more »

Myth of Metals essay

The concept of “Metals” as explained by Plato in his book Republic III is based on a reference to Socrates’ allusions. Metals, in fact, stand for the worth or the elements, good or bad, which are inherent in a man or a woman. ... Read more »

Naipaul and Lydia essay

The Night Watchman's Occurrence Book This unique story revolves around a record book kept by the night watchman and the manager. Initially statements made seem to reflect on the past, are vague and boring, subsequently the dialogue brightens the ... Read more »

Nathan Rebukes David essay

The book of first and second Samuel talks about the rise and fall of the Israelite leaders. Most of the leaders were dethroned by YHWH because of their sin or disobedience to God. I Samuel talks about the fall of man’s king, Saul. It should be ... Read more »

No Matter how Loud I shout essay

The book “No matter how loud I shout” by Humes Edwards is quiet an interesting book that is basically a nonfiction work. The book is about the author’s one year experience in the Los Angeles juvenile court. On this basis, he is ... Read more »

No More, No More: Slavery and Cultural Resistance in Havana and New Orleans essay

The author of the book, “No More, No More: Slavery and Cultural Resistance in Havana and New Orleans”, is Walker E. Daniel. The book narrates about the slavery subjected to the African-Americans in the cities of Havana and New Orleans ... Read more »

Nobel Prize Women in Science essay

There are a number of people who have won or have been awarded the prize of Nobel for their exemplary work in the fields of education, invention and social human living besides conservation of the environment. These prizes have acted to promote and ... Read more »

"Not Buying It" by the author Judith Levine essay

Brand America "Not Buying It" by the author Judith Levine According to Judith Levine, the underclass people are those that are underemployed; they get meager pay yet work extremely hard to get that little. They can virtually not meet the simple ... Read more »

Outliers essay

Outliers is a famous book by Malcolm Gladwell which has also been identified with the title; "The Story of Success." It was published by Little, Brown and company in the year 2008. Despite the fact that it is just a recent publication, its rich ... Read more »

Paper Production essay

While many futurists predicted that we would be enjoying the paperless office around this time, Americans are still at the epicenter of a paper blizzard. Were you under the impression that the electronic age would free us from all that? A company's ... Read more »

Reading Night of the Gun essay

I have found the idea behind David Carr's ‘Night of the Gun’ as both intriguing and sympathetic. The story is about a simple man, who becomes helpless to his addiction to drugs and alcohol for most of his life. The fact that he was ... Read more »

Reflection of the Book essay

The book A Community Called Atonement discusses a topical question of atonement and relation between modern day life and religious doctrines. The author states that through religion we try to obtain a comprehensive, coherent picture of life in which ... Read more »

Report on a Contemporary Civil Engineering Issue essay

Introduction This is a report of the book written by Richard H. McCuen, Edna Z. Ezzel and Malenie K Wong on the topic “Fundamentals of Civil Engineering”. The scholars majorly expanded on the need for incorporation of concept ... Read more »

Rereading America essay

Introduction The chapter dealing with money and success in the book rereading America has been described as stories of rags to riches involving protagonist characters who lead exemplary lives through valiantly struggle against poverty and ... Read more »

Research Paper on the Omnivore’s Dilemma essay

Published in the year 2006, Michael Pollan’s book, Omnivore’s Dilemma captures greater attention from the public since it has a topic that affects human beings in the current world. Pollan explains that before man confronted this ... Read more »

Research Study essay

Introduction This research study was conducted to investigate what patients with cancer and their family caregivers expect from nurses in terms of spiritual care giving. The research was conducted in a qualitative manner to generate facts ... Read more »

Response Paper essay

Fantasy is the essential component of film representation, and numerous psychoanalytic theories have been used to explore the relevance of multiple meanings as well as the role of subjectivity in designing the film plot. Moreover, it is more than ... Read more »

Review of Getting to Yes essay

The book, Getting to Yes, by Roger Fisher and William Ury is one of the most acknowledged books on negotiation issues across Africa. Despite various foundation of negotiation, Getting to Yes offers the reader the actual essence of mutual benefits in ... Read more »

Review of “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” essay

“The Omnivore’s Dilemma” is a nonfiction book brought to the audience by Michael Pollan. The author poses a straightforward question to the reader about what they should have for dinner. Majority of the population are omnivorous, ... Read more »

Seedfolks essay

Seedfolks is a book written by Paul Fleischman. It is a children’s book whose setting is in Cleveland, Ohio at Gibb Street. The characters hail from different ethnic groups. The city was dirty and highly infested with rats. It was however ... Read more »

Sex in the Heartland essay

Sex in the Heartland is a book that was written by Beth Bailey, and it basically contains the narrative of the intensive sexual revolution which occurred in a diminutive university municipality in the archetypal Heartland state of Kansas. The ... Read more »

Short History of Progress essay

Ronald Wright refers to the large culture specializations of the human race as a “progress trap”. Progress traps are the potent but highly risky technology that may ruin the human race (Wright 30). As the population grows day by day, so ... Read more »

Silent Spring essay

Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring was published in 1962 by the Houghton Mifflin Company and the New Yorker magazine serialized. This book gave a warning on the dangers of using herbicides and pesticides. It was hard for Rachel Carson to ... Read more »

Spirited Resistance essay

Spirited Resistance: The North American Indian Struggle for Unity, 1745-1815 This is an original and imperative analysis done by Gregory Evans contention that the ethno historians would be willing to take us through the history of Indian resistance ... Read more »

Stone Soup essay

Stone Soup by Barbara Kingsolver employs the use fairy tales to pass across her message of the changing perception of family values in the United States. Fairy tales about family ideals can be harmful if they stereotype the family unit along certain ... Read more »

The App Effect essay

Q.1. In your opinion, what do the authors have in mind when they mention the app effect? Based on the published sources, develop a point of view that supports or argues against the existence of an app effect. The authors of the book App Effect ... Read more »

The Bay of Pigs essay

Introduction Howard Jones is the author of two other popular books; death of a generation and Mutiny on the Amistad. Currently, Jones is serving as a researcher and lecturer of history at the University of Alabama. His book, the Bay of Pigs which is ... Read more »

The Big Short essay

Micheal Lewis was the famous writer to the book ‘the big short’ as an analysis of the economic status of the country. He would be said to have been a business man who made use of short stories to drive his point home. The main idea ... Read more »

The Book of Hours essay

In The Book of Hours, Rilke discusses relationships between God, Satan and Job. The main question raised in the Biblical story about Job’s tribulations was about a divine providence and God’s love. Though Job was pious, good, and ... Read more »

"The Catcher in the Rye" essay

The book is written by the renowned novelist, Salinger, J. D. It was, at first, meant for adults but upon its publication it became a highly readable item amongst teenagers, mainly due to the fact that it offered the themes resonating with some ... Read more »

The Color Purple Research Paper essay

Introduction Alice Walker's novel revolves around major issues that were associated predominantly by medieval black community at a time when aspects regarding slavery were taking front stage in almost any argument. The novel therefore provides ... Read more »

The Exhuming of a Nation essay

The Biography of Noble Drew Ali, "The Exhuming of a Nation" was initially written as a study channel for the offspring of former United States' slaves. The work is framed to bring them out of the chasm of functional slave brand of blacks, Negro, and ... Read more »

The Fatal Equilibrium essay

The Fatal Equilibrium by Marshall Jevons is a crime novel that. The start in this novel is Professor Henry Spearman who uses the law of economic theory to find out the person who committed the murder. The murder involves Dennis Gossen who has an ... Read more »

The Feminine Mystique essay

The book entitled “The Feminine Mystique” was written by Betty Friedan in the United States back in 1963. After its first publication, “The feminine Mystique” exploded in to America consciousness. A sharp division emerged ... Read more »

The Fifth Child essay

After reading through the book, “The fifth child” written by Doris Lessing it is more than obvious to conclude that Ben as the Lovatt family’s fifth born child was truly born evil. David Lovatt and Harriet who are Ben’s ... Read more »

The Five Love Languages essay

The institution of marriage is among the holiest institutions that were created by God. In fact, it was the first relation to be created by God, even before the one of mother and child. Hence, it is the greatest bond that two people can share. Most ... Read more »

The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams essay

Introduction This is a play written by Tennessee Williams. It revolves around the life of a family consisting of a mother named Amanda, a father who ran away, a son named Tom, and a daughter named Laura. Laura is a cripple, while her mother is a ... Read more »

The Great Mathematician of Ancient Greece- Pythagoras essay

"He formed a school in the city of Samos, the 'semicircle' of Pythagoras, which is known by that name even today, in which the Samians hold political meetings. They do this because they think one should discuss questions about goodness, justice and ... Read more »

The Guns of August essay

A penchant for war stories drama and a love for history led me to read Barbara W. Tuchman's The Guns of August, a dramatic, full, and meticulously detailed account of the early stages of World War 1. Having initially read her account of the 14th ... Read more »

The Happiness Hypothesis essay

As Shakespeare once put it, "There is nothing either good or bad, thinking makes it so" was right because in our daily dwellings, we do encounter important ideas that can bring great and positive impacts in our lives but in most cases, we assume the ... Read more »

The Image of the City essay

The book by Lynch on the city’s image has the major idea that people living in urban areas familiarize themselves by use of mental maps. The author researched and compared three cities in America: Boston, Los Angeles and Jersey City. The book ... Read more »

The Language Instinct essay

Introduction The Language Instinct is a fascinating book written by Steven Pinker and first published in 1994. He writes this book to satisfy the curiosity of those interested in language by using his examples from pop culture, children, adults, and ... Read more »

The leadership challenged essay

The leadership challenged was written by James Kouzes and Barry Posner. This book is a good field guide for any leaders be it a CEO in a multi-million company or a college student-organization president. It was first published in 1987 and has been ... Read more »

The Lesson by Toni Cade Bambara vs. Allegory of the Cave by Plato essay

Society affects a lot people’s life style and behavior. This follows the fact that a person’s environment can model one up to enable him be comfortable. However, some societal factors do not promote co-existence in the community. These ... Read more »

The Omnivore’s Dilemma essay

The Omnivore’s Dilemma has been written and published in 2006. The key dilemma of the book is “what to eat for a dinner”. Author has made an emphasis that human beings are the omnivores- those species, who eat both plants and ... Read more »

The Return to Ritual: Violence and Art in the Media Age essay

After reading the “The Return to Ritual: Violence and Art in the Media Age” by Tobin Siebers, it is possible to come to the conclusion that the permission of the author that violence has become an important aesthetic signifier for our ... Read more »

The Sacrificial Egg essay

The Sacrificial Egg by Chinua Achebe is a story that focuses on the conflict that arises between two cultures. Hence the theme of the story is the cultural conflict that opposed the African and western communities. In thisstory, the writer presents ... Read more »

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People essay

The “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” is one of the most influential books ever published and recognized all over the world. Stephen R. Covey presents the book in different dimensions that lead to solving professional and ... Read more »

"The Sex Slave Murders" by R.Barri essay

The book "The Sex Slave Murders" by R.Barri and published by Barri covers actual murder crimes committed by a couple. The author gives an account of the serial murders committed by Gerald Albert Gallego and Charlene Gallego. The story is the first ... Read more »

“The Wordy Shipmates” by Sarah Vowell essay

The Wordy Shipmates is a book written by Sarah Vowell. In the book, she points out the Puritans and the varying facets of forming of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Vowell perceives the Puritans as a writing based set of individuals. First of all, ... Read more »

The Working Poor essay

David Shipler authored the book The Working Poor in 2004. The book has won Pulitzer Prize. The author had talked to individuals perceived to be the working poor. Consequently, he has filled the book with their life stories and anecdotes. He ... Read more »

The Year of Magical Thinking essay

Joan Didion is an author and journalist and also a widower. Her book, The Year of Magical Thinking, is a memoir which traces her life footsteps for one year- the year of she mourns her husband’s death from 2003 to 2004. The book starts with ... Read more »

Their Dogs Came with Them Report essay

In her book Their Dogs Came with Them, Viarmontes wrote about the hard life of a few young people. She described how possessed they were to earn some money. The characteristics of Ana provided in the part, depicted her as a full-of-purpose woman ... Read more »

Theme of Death in Emily Dickinson Poems essay

Emily Dickinson uses rhyme, tone, metaphors and imagery to communicate her concepts about the ambiguity of death through her famous poem “I heard a Fly buzz-when I died-” (Cameron 275). People often formulate mixed beliefs, thoughts and ... Read more »

Things Fall Apart essay

Introduction Chinua Achebe’s novel, Things Fall Apart, is essentially about the culture of the Igbo people and influence of colonialism on their lives. In the first part of the book, the readers are introduced to the life and culture of the ... Read more »

This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius essay

Pisces is linked with religious crusades and conflicts, which markedly took place in the middle Ages. What The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius means is what is ahead of humanity, beyond Pisces, it depicts of a bright future that waits despite the ... Read more »

Training Classes essay

I have attended various training classes but I can single out the good and bad reasons I had in training. To begin with I must define training and development ad reasons for training and development. Training is a planned process to modify attitude, ... Read more »

Values Driven Leadership by Aubrey Malphurs essay

Value driven leadership, as Malphurs defines it in his book, involves the mental and conscious participation of a leader. It involves a leader using his ethic commitments in the daily course of management activities. According to Malphurs, value ... Read more »

Washington's Crossing essay

The American history remains as one of the most dramatic history across the globe. There are many issues or rather events that happened especially in the 18th century that shaped the America that is seen today. Among these events is the American ... Read more »

What Color is Your Parachute? essay

This is a report on the last edition of book "What Color is Your Parachute? A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career Changes" by Richard Nelson Bolles. On 265 pages the author presented methods of identifying best jobs for each person and best ... Read more »

Where Are You Going? Where Have You Been? essay

Introduction “Where Are You Going? Where Have You Been?” was written by Joyce Carol Oates and she dedicated it to artist Bob Dylan. The story is about Connie, a fifteen-year-old girl who is described as a vain, stubborn, rebellious, and ... Read more »

Who Moved my Cheese essay

Spencer Johnson's masterful book Who Moved My Cheese? explores various ways through which people and organizations can deal with changes in life and operations effectively. The theme of the book is centered on the need to be flexible in life since ... Read more »

Women Beyond their Gender Defined Roles essay

The Savior of the Bees is a compelling short story that is empowering especially to women despite their background. For the longest time women have been marginalized based on their gender and forced by society to live their lives reserved in a world ... Read more »
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