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Free «Interpersonal Communication» Essay Sample

Interpersonal communication is a form of communication that entails conversing “one on one” with other people and it plays a pivotal role in initiating and sustaining good interpersonal relationships. Consequently, it is very important that a person is well equipped with appropriate skills to avoid any difficulties while dealing with others on “one on one” basis. This can only be achieved through taking a course in interpersonal communication.

This course is normally designed to equip the student with necessary knowledge and skills to deal with communication issues ranging from personal life to workplace and from family to community life. It is therefore an important course that everyone should undertake. Most students may sideline it because it entails common things that do not require sitting in class but I encourage you to study it as it will not only teach you how to manage relations at school, home or at work but also how to handle interpersonal conflicts (Frydrychowicz 78).

The course will also equip you with a comprehension of basic characteristics of interpersonal communication to guide you through what is expected during interactions. For instance, it is inescapable because we must communicate. It is also complicated due to many variables involved hence very important to have the necessary skills to understand. Additionally, interpersonal communication is “contextual because it does not occur in isolation” (Frydrychowicz 72).

Other characteristics include irreversible as it is impossible to take back what has already been asserted and finally its aspects are interdependent. These are the most important characteristics that can only be understood through appropriate studies. It is, therefore, my appeal that everyone should enroll for this course, because interpersonal communication forms an essential element in our daily endeavors.


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